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CHAUMET popup store is open


CHAUMET popup store open 1F: Jewelry

Of each king room European since the formation in 1780 including Emperor Napoleon
CHAUMET which walked the history as purveyance for the government ジュエラー.
CHAUMET popup store opens in Ginza Mitsukoshi 1F.
For six months, I introduce special high Jewelry on a different theme every month.
Thought to join lovers, a family and the friendship together.
Many Jewelry which I cannot miss to bless the moment when the life is unforgettable,
Usually please see it with CHAUMET which relies including a boutique, and scale-uped by all means.
"Jewelry — which tells time of ルタンジョワイエ — CHAUMET"

I make full use of various サヴォワールフェール making Jewelry as "Jewelry telling time" with a watch and continue making precious Jewelry watch, コンプリケーションウオッチ with CHAUMET from a watch coloring daily life. The collection of elegant Jewelry and watch of the Parisian-style who let モダニティ fuse with a tradition continues attracting world women since the formation in 1780. I collect the watch collection that CHAUMET is proud of in the cathedral and introduce "Jewelry telling time".

  • "Re-Ann Lumiere watch"
    (SM, 27mm, quartz, stainless steel, diamond, mother of pearl, alligator strap) 345,600 yen
    Watch (SM, 27mm, quartz, stainless steel, diamond, pink mother of pearl) 437,400 yen

    "The re-Ann Lumiere watch" that dial of the mother of pearl was beautiful increased model without ダイヤモンドパヴェ which I used it every day and was easy to do. A clockface of the refined mother of pearl and diamond shining modestly give a feminine impression. Alligator strap of the vivid emerald green adds color. The watch of the Breath type that DIAL of the pink mother of pearl is feminine brings a gorgeous impression without choosing the scene.

  • "Orr tongue sia Eden"
    (PG, diamond, pink opal, fuchsia pink satin strap) 1,274,400 yen

    It is a watch bringing color for the daily life that the stack charge account with the Jewelry that a vivid hue of the Natural color stone is fun can enjoy.

  • "ジョゼフィーヌロンドドゥニュイ"
    Jewelry watch
    (WG, diamond) 8,132,400 yen (reference price)

    Jewelry Collection "Josephine" with the tiara which dearest woman, Josephine of Napoleon loved as motif. A night star among the glittering diamond for the magic that "ロンドドゥニュイ" is precious. Pattern of pair Focus such as the trompe l'oeil which サヴォワールフェール enables gives the impression that it is light and is modern with an exquisite voluminous feel.

  • "コロンブ"
    (WG, diamond, sapphire, "Grand who" enamel) 16,416,000 yen (reference price)

    New Item クリエイティブコンプリケーションウオッチ "コロンブ" which has the meaning of "the pigeon" in New Item, French of 2018. In substitution for Stinger, the motif of two pigeons with a ring in its mouth tells time. Two rings are symbols of the promise, and the pigeon of two intervals comes every hour, and a ring describes 8 forms of the everlasting emblem. The DIAL expresses a night sky in in the background night blue "グランフー" of ギロシェ enamel. Anita ポ which is the first person of the enamel technology in Switzerland on the top A milky cloud by ルシェ is drawn. I introduce one among 12 limitation of the world quickly.

  • ※Please note that event contents may be changed by convenience.
  • ※The price is all tax-included.
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