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6th floor


■Currently held - Tuesday, December 26
■6th floor glasses

I introduce a three-dimensional, dynamic eye wear realized by sensitivity and the technique of the Japanese Iware brand. I offered novel and, Item of the futuristic style full of the presence abundantly.

NOMOS Glashutte FAIR

■From Wednesday, January 3 to 16th (Tue)
■6th floor Shellman

With the definition of "the gentleman." If the answer is, for example, the thing called "play on having known the standard" "not to flatter it" "to know the good-quality thing", it may be said that <NOMOS> is the Watch brand which is most suitable for such a man. I put a movement self-developed to a mustache spring on design calculated exhaustively although being simple at a glance. All 通好 pattern is Watch having very high completeness. Please choose him as a partner at the place of the business at this opportunity.

[product of the photograph]
Tangent…243,000 yen

[gift, privilege]
During a period, I offer wonderful gift to a customer of the Purchase in Watch of <NOMOS>.


■From Wednesday, January 3 to 16th (Tue)
■6th floor glasses

The United States brand which became the instigator of the current classical music eyeware boom. I introduce in richness including <DITA> featuring <OLIVER PEOPLES> characterized by the intellectual design and luxury and dynamic style in simple.

[information for event]
The brand staff comes to the store and suggests a product to a customer. I can order New Item from abundant model.
■Time & Date: Saturday, January 13 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00

<ZEISS> Drive safe lenses VR experience meeting
"The drive safe lenses" which reduce bad weather, dusk and night stress, and provide view suitable for driving time. You can experience vanity in virtual reality.
■A schedule: From Wednesday, January 3 to 16th (Tue)

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<sound of the Victor artisan>

■From Wednesday, January 10 to 23rd (Tue)
■6th floor Special section

The Wood cone speaker which is described as "the sound that is beautiful in nature" among enthusiasts. Like the name, I introduce unique speaker to the vibration board which is important parts of the speaker in the world that adopted wood. The sound full of a sense of reality paid out by a vibration board of only 9cm in diameter reproduces it for clear and growth from 重低音 to upper register. And it features style reminding of better-quality wooden Furniture. Living room changes quickly in a theater of high-quality sound if you can be connected to the thin-screen TV of the home, and the flexible versatility is attractive.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


■From Wednesday, January 24 to Tuesday, February 6
■6th floor glasses

The German eye wear brand which was established as a collector of the antique eyeware in 1992 by famous gel knot Lindner. I take in a design of the antique eyeware which existed from the 18th to the 20th century and release beautiful Collection full of the dignity.

<SHINOLA> a popup store

■From Wednesday, January 24 to Tuesday, February 6
■6th floor Global Message

A design brand <shy Nora> which served as the first landing in Japan this year. Aiming at "revival of good old American Crafts Manship", I am born in Detroit in 2011. I hold the first popup store in Ginza Mitsukoshi. I introduce a watch, a bag, the Leather accessories which I can use habitually in high quality for a long time.

[information for event]
Carved seal service

During a period, I accept service to carve a seal in initials to the customer who had you purchase a journal (notebook).

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<manipuri> POP UP SHOP

■From Wednesday, January 31 to Wednesday, February 14
■6th floor Special section

I introduce a brand <manipuri> made inspire from a vintage scarf for a limited time. Even if I share it with him and use it, it is wonderful.

5th floor

<PADRONE> promotion

■From Wednesday, January 24 to Tuesday, February 6
■5th floor Men's shoes

I let "the skill" of the modern machine fuse for "the work" cultivated by an expert craftsman and perform the promotion that gathered in a hall by popular Item of <PADRONE> embodying with universal beauty. In addition, I sell it including shoes using the cordovan leather of the ONLY MI.

[product of the photograph]
Derby plane toeshoes CORDOVAN leather…48,600 yen


※The price is all tax-included.

Ginza Gentleman's Gallery


With GINZA GENTLEMAN…Smart man of Ginza

Smart wearing, the smart manner, smart arrangement….
The true "best" is Smart of the wearing of seemliness and the body
I know moderation and courtesy without not pointing to だけを, and being always gentlemanly, and forgetting the attention to the neighborhood,
You put the body in the center of the times, and have a sense of fun in "genuine article" "essence"….


Smart men's [aesthetics of the oneself time] and [style of the work time]
Of the "quality" "to associate with a pride" that "is polish" that should have in each scene "dignity" there is
I will suggest lifestyle.

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