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Ladies' Clothing What's New


4th floor

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


■Currently held - Monday, December 25
■4th floor Global Message

HOLIDAY MARKET where creators with original view of the world and feelings gather. A wonderful encounter with Accessories and the Accessories that the new idea, sensitivity of creators was jam-packed is waiting.

3rd floor

<KID BLUE> Christmas fair

■Currently held - Monday, December 25
■3rd floor Lingerie & Foundation

As Christmas approaches, the feeling increases, too. A reward to oneself, a present to important one. Look for it in <KID BLUE> by all means while remembering many smiles.

[product of the photograph]
Brassiere…8,100 yen
Shorts…4,644 yen
Lingerie case…3,132 yen

[gift, privilege]
During a period, I present "a calendar" to customer of the Purchase, the first 240 people more than 10,800 yen with a <KID BLUE> product.

<Wacoal> with the underwear which is red for the year-end and New Year holidays

■Currently held - Sunday, December 31
■3rd floor Lingerie & Foundation

I want to acquire a difference with oneself usual simply because it is a Christmas season to color a climax of one year! Heart and soul are happy firmly and want to greet the New Year! Let's swell wearing a red underwear at the time of such feeling heartily!

[product of the photograph]
Incaic civilization rat camisole (CAB278)…11,880 yen
Incaic civilization rat song shorts (PAB478)…4,536 yen

<Paul Smith> Christmas 2017

■Currently held - Monday, December 25
■3rd floor Global Message

I made a lineup in variation richness including the Leather accessories which Aristrist stripe to represent a brand was garnished with.

[product of the photograph]
<Paul Smith>
Breast wallet (cowhide, about W19.5 X H10 X D2cm)…28,080 yen
Key case (cowhide, about W10 X H6 X D1 .5cm)…14,040 yen
Muffler (100% wool, approximately 45*180cm)…23,760 yen

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


■From Tuesday, December 26 to Wednesday, January 3, 2018
■3rd floor Global Message

I perform suggestion of selection of overwhelming coats and symbolic Item of the 2017FW Season in a coat and a season to spend.

<Langeais leak> guidance of New Item "Palade"

■From Wednesday, January 10 to 23rd (Tue)
■3rd floor Lingerie & Foundation

<Langeais leak> the collection of 2018 spring/summer image is tropical. I expressed the charm of this picture which it was done inspire in last work "La Reve" which French painter Henri Rousseau drew (dream), and attracted people more than the times, and did not stop. I use a lot of refreshing material suitable for spring/summer mainly on lace. I expressed the warm world that he dreamed of in coloring as light material in beautiful Lingerie. I expressed the paradise which Rousseau dreamed of in lace and the cloth of original cotton/hemp horizontal stripes which expressed the trees which grew thick in one side.

[product of the photograph]
<Langeais leak> Palade
3/4 Bra…11,880 yen ...
Standard shorts…5,940 yen

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<エムアイディーギンザ> a winter clearance sale

■From Wednesday, January 17 to 23rd (Tue)
■3rd floor Global Message

<M-PREMIER> <M-premier BLACK> hold the chestnut Lance sale second of <AVENIR Etoile> with Global Message. An item than the chestnut Lance sale first from Thursday, January 4 for winter becomes the good bargain more and appears.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<Helmut Lang> ARCHIVES 1986-2005

■From Wednesday, January 24 to 30th (Tue)
■3rd floor Global Message

The first of the project to develop valuable Collection which reproduced particularly popular Archive over the 1986-2005 generation.

<ワコールラゼ> style up Collection

■From Wednesday, January 24 to Tuesday, February 6
■3rd floor Lingerie & Foundation

<ワコールラゼ> spring New Item, "looking thinner refreshing Bra" debut. By a design to reduce the step of the back under part which is hard to notice, the silhouette of the back circumference is a beautiful brassiere by oneself. The pants coordinate together, and let's realize beautiful silhouette of "the hip from a thigh" among "backs from the side".

[product of the photograph]
Looking thinner refreshing Bra…8,964 yen ...

I send other party image later
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<TATRAS> Spring Sign

■From Wednesday, January 31 to Tuesday, February 6
■3rd floor Global Message

Spring New Item is introduced by a popular down brand <TATRAS>. Item that I made use of three themes in called the refined one and only functional in a brand concept of "in everywhere" for the cause is an appearance.


※The price is all tax-included.

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