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730-8545 5-1, Ebisucho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
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Mitsukoshi communication

※By circumstances of the diversity, I may change exhibition period.
In addition, I may not offer some publication products. of the parking spot.

NEWS news

  • I began Hiroshima Mitsukoshi official LINE @

    I began Hiroshima Mitsukoshi official LINE @

    I send information of event and the LINE @ limitation of Hiroshima Mitsukoshi. You tap "friend addition" of the LINE application, and please input in "ID" with "@hiroshima3254".

  • New shop open <do diM>

    New shop open <do diM>

    <do diM> The の-style is simple and is natural and is modern. I meet the requests in various scene such as gift flowers to give an everyday flower and important one coloring a living.
    ■Tuesday, August 22 opening

  • Blow country Seikichi at an end; glass exhibition

    Blow country Seikichi at an end; glass exhibition

    Wind the glass which dissolved off in a blowtube by heat of 1,300 degrees, and blow, and produce breath; blow; glass. It is two years of an end country setting up the studio in Miyoshi-shi since then and is the second private exhibition.
    ■From Tuesday, August 22 to 27th (Sun)
    ■7th floor art Gallery

  • <JOHAN> Bread craftsman cooks an original bun!

    <JOHAN> Bread craftsman cooks an original bun!

    It recruits illustration to want to eat such Bread which there should be such Bread. Bread craftsman makes original Bread based on chosen illustration and sells it by lot.
    ■An application period: From Tuesday, August 8 to 20th (Sun)
    ■It is limited to the application of the primary schoolchild
    ■Basement JOHAN
    *Specifically, please see application paper in <JOHAN>.

  • evam eva "autumn to wear linen"

    evam eva "autumn to wear linen"

    Clothes of various linen which escaping the summer heat is possible in autumn from summer and can wear warmly in winter are prepared. The linen of the water twist of the texture such as the antique linen. For raising, you can enjoy it with the deep hue including the gentle thing of the feel warmly.
    ■3rd floor <evam eva>

  • 7days Boulangerie

    7days Boulangerie

    The baker whom Hiroshima Mitsukoshi recommends it to appears every day in rotation.
     Monday Kure <powder is dark>
     In Onomichi <bakery route>, 8/22 .29 is closed on Tuesday
     As for 8/22 .29, Gion <JaPan shop> opens a store
     Wednesday Hashimotocho <101BRIO>
     Saijo <Felix> is absent from 8/10 .17 on Thursday
     In 8/10, Nakayama <hug> opens a store
     In 8/17, Yano <elephant bakery> opens a store

     Friday Danbara <force>
     Saturday Furue <email>
         Setagaya <signifiant significance>
     Sunday Aosaki <bop & VANS>
     ■Basement 7 D boo orchid Julie corner

  • Information for Hiroshima Mitsukoshi bridal club

    Information for Hiroshima Mitsukoshi bridal club

    Please enroll in "Hiroshima Mitsukoshi bridal club" if you decided marriage. I issue "Mitsukoshi bridal Passport" in the one that had you enroll. You can receive various privileges.
    ■The person who decided marriage within enrollment qualification /1 year
    ■It is one year after a wedding from the day of / application for validity
    ■Courtesy rate + Cards discounts the target product in main privilege / shop,
          Parking four hours for free extension service
    ■Enrollment fee / for free
    ■Enrollment application, inquiry /7 floor Gift Salon

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