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※By circumstances of the diversity, I may change exhibition period.
In addition, I may not offer some publication products. of the parking spot.

NEWS���m� point

  • TIFFANY & Co. watch fair

    TIFFANY & Co. watch fair

    TIFFANY & Co. is a national boutique from Saturday, March 25 to Sunday, April 2
    I hold "TIFFANY & Co. watch fair".
    To the visitor who purchased TIFFANY & Co. CT60 during a period as a privilege,
    The original loupe which treated a logo of the TIFFANY & Co.,
    To a watch (except some products) which purchased a watch to a visitor of the purchase
    I offer initial engraving service in for free.
    I wait for a visit by all means.



    Men' s store opens from POLO RALPH LAUREN newly.
    ■March 28
    ■4th floor men's floor

    POLO with American casual of the venerable Ivy League of the East Coast,
    I let you mix refined British style style,
    I suggest modern, energetic lifestyle.

    It is increased this spring in POLO Men' s by classic Item
    Sportswear or the safari jacket which were based on white and beige
    Item that arranged military style for a modern man comes up.

    I have a refined atmosphere while being wild
    It is the latest style of modern POLO.
    I look forward to the visit of all of you.

  • JAL X Matsuyama Mitsukoshi JAL mileage bank enrollment campaign

    JAL X Matsuyama Mitsukoshi JAL mileage bank enrollment campaign

    "A JAL mile MI point interchange service start is commemorative"
    ■I am holding it until Friday, March 31
    I present 200 miles of bonus miles at the time of boarding in the first time when I have you join the JAL mileage bank with an exclusive application installed in the Matsuyama Mitsukoshi 2F Mitsukoshi M CARD counter.

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  • ARMANI JEANS appearance

    ARMANI JEANS appearance

    ■4th floor アルマーニコレツィオーニウォモ
    ■3rd floor ARMANI COLLEZIONI Donna

    Than spring of 2017 summer collection in ARMANI COLLEZIONI
    ARMANI JEANS which assumed casual Item Maine comes up.
    These two line be combined and can enjoy it in more various scene
    I suggest new ARMANI-style.

    <product of the photograph>
    97, 200 yen that include a UOMO AC jacket tax
          36, 720 yen that include an AJ sweater tax

    62, 640 yen that include a DONNA AJ coat tax
          69, 120 yen that include an AC blouse tax

  • Mitsukoshi M CARD spring new enrollment campaign

    Mitsukoshi M CARD spring new enrollment campaign

    Mitsukoshi M CARD
    Spring new enrollment campaign
    1, 000 yen coupon gift!
    ■From Wednesday, March 1 to Sunday, April 9

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  • Matsuyama Mitsukoshi basement food guest building from March to today are ... on any day

    Matsuyama Mitsukoshi basement food guest building from March to today are ... on any day

    ★★★The March "calendar of the meal"★★★
    Of Matsuyama Mitsukoshi is delicious! I introduce をご.

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  • Under a "charm of Japan" Photo exhibition work offer!

    Under a "charm of Japan" Photo exhibition work offer!

    [offer period, exclusive mount period] From Wednesday, March 29 to Wednesday, May 31
    [mount sale place] 7th floor Exhibition Hall
    [display period] From Tuesday, August 8 to Wednesday, August 23
    [display meeting place] 5th floor baby, child clothes cashier

    A photo exhibition largest in Japan where even the cause, anyone of the thought to want to feel joy to take a photograph, pleasure to print it, and to give glory to can participate in casually "tie "PHOTO IS" thought. 50, the Photo exhibition of 000 people. In each Mitsukoshi Isetan group shop, I hold "charm of Japan" "Photo exhibition" as a collaboration plan of "the Photo exhibition of 50, 000 people" of FUJIFILM.
    A visitor including the contact with a tradition, culture, nature, scenery, a family tie, the animal of Japan
    With a choice of attractive "of" Japan and "special one piece to feel," do you not apply?

    * Application essential point
    The application is easy! Only as for three step!
    At 1 store, I purchase "an exclusive mount". (tax-included 500 yen)
    "An exclusive mount" puts 2 photograph works (A3 version) and fills in title, comment.
    A participation procedure completes 3 "exclusive mounts" by direct mail in the secretariat.
    ※The burden on person that the postage had you participate. All the entries display it.
    ※The work which I can subscribe for is 1 meeting place 1 work.

    * Entry theme
    As for the Japanese culture or tradition, culture, nature, scenery, family tie, the contact with the animal,
    A visitor is available for attractive "of" Japan and the subject to feel in anything.
    ※An example: Cherry tree, the fresh green, festival, fireworks, bond with the pet, memorial day of an entrance ceremony, a graduation ceremony, the compendium of seasonal words

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  • Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their us.

    Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their us.

    All the visitors
                                     Matsuyama Mitsukoshi
    I give employee of Matsuyama Mitsukoshi and I say with "there is the person who is going to do shopping using Cards of the visitor" and telephone it and say with "I let you contact me from the bank association as Cards of the visitor may be used illegally" more and get the banker of the visitor, an account number, a password persuasively, and fraud to visit the home, and to keep bank cards occurs frequently.

    Caution (Please be careful…) enough from our employee or person giving Japanese Bankers Association not to make any telephone and certainly teaching the account information such as passwords even if I have a visit, and handing a bank card.

    An emergency, such a telephone if have a visit, notification, please talk with the nearest police station immediately.

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