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Information for Mitsukoshi Isetan original academic gown

Cause of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology instruction, present when globalization of the education environment goes at an increasing tempo, university identity (UI),
As a must-have item embodying a school ceremony of the international level as a symbol of school identity (SI) again,
The academic gown which attracts high attention.
In Mitsukoshi Isetan, I help with the success of the memorable solemn school ceremony through an original academic gown.
As for the light, wrinkle-resistant material, the function that food is hard to slip off from a shoulder, the full-scale design or the reliable sewing in the country,
The smooth discerning quality only in us where were lined for abundant experience.
By perfect after follow, I promise the traditional succession.

The current situation of the academic gown

The academic gown (Academic Dress) has been worn in the higher education system including the university led by Europe and America from the Middle Ages
It is traditional clothes and colonizes as a symbol of the academism now in all the countries of the world including Asia.
When, in Japan, many prestigious universities including the national university enter toward establishment of the university identity in the 2000s,
As ceremony wear to use for an entrance ceremony, a graduation ceremony, a certificate of an academic title investiture, I activated the introduction.
In late years a tendency of the increase is seen in not only the university but also a junior college, a special vocational school, a high school, a junior high school, the wearing in the elementary school.

Introduction significance of the academic gown

(1) Symbol of the academism

Insatiate search feeling for the study and readiness, Courage Skills and hope
I play a role to express.

(2) Declaration of the globalism

The responsibility of the school bringing up the human resources who can play an active part in international community,
I show an active posture of the foreign student acceptance to inside and out
I play my part.

(3) Expression of the love school feeling

In embodying a tradition and individuality the pride for the old school
Rouse dignity some other time, and an intramural sense of unity,
I play a role to confirm a feeling of solidarity.

(4) Realization of the grand ceremony

As for carrying out a solemn, grand ceremony, the school is social
I improve image and emphasize this
I play my part.

Design of the academic gown

A person of going on the platform example: Director, president, vice president, chairperson, professor

A student example: Doctor, master, bachelor

Of the academic gown
The complete set,
I am comprised of three points of this.
The design by a situation
It is different each.

It is enough in Mitsukoshi Isetan
Through hearing,
I met a request of the each school
I do suggestion.

By design and the number of sheets
The sales price fluctuates.
The details than lower part form
Please refer.

As Gift praising information for honarary doctorate conferment Gift academic gown honor, the original academic gown is most suitable.

Operation of the academic gown

A design plan and the production of the academic gown in Mitsukoshi Isetan
Perform it in a lump, but about the later operation,
Based on an abundant example, I accept consultation.
In addition, in logistics and maintenance, storage, others of the product
When I relate to it, it is Mitsukoshi Isetan Nara by the alliance companies
I introduce an operation network of this.

Design + production (Mitsukoshi Isetan) control (school) logistics (Company A) maintenance (Company B)

Schedule of the academic gown order

For design decision
For normal 1-2 months,
After the official order
Before I deliver it
Normal 2-3 months
I need it.

As for the order for academic gown for the graduation ceremony of March, the middle of December becomes Limit. Previous design decision is necessary.

The gown business results (the order of the kana syllabary) academic in 2015 in the /2016 year

Aoyama Gakuin University
Iwaki Meisei University
Iwaki Meisei University (Seven-Eleven Iwaki Meisei University Store)
Oberlin University (Obirin school consumers' cooperative society)
Kanagawa University
Kanazawa University (Kanazawa University consumers' cooperative)
Gifu Pharmaceutical University
Kyoritsu Women's University
Kinki University
Gunma University (Gunma University consumers' cooperative)
International culture university
Kokushikan University
Shibaura Institute of Technology (Shibaura Institute of Technology consumers' cooperative society)
Seigakuin University
Seijo University
Seitoku University
St. Marianna University School of Medicine (Mali Anna World Service)
St. Luke's International University
Tokyo Healthcare University

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology (general Toky Tech Alumni Association)
The University of Tokyo (University of Tokyo consumers' cooperative society)
Toyo Eiwa University
Toyo University
Nippon Sport Science University
Bunkyo Gakuin University
Meiji Gakuin University (Meiji Gakuin consumers' cooperative society)
Yamagata University
Wakayama University
Waseda University
Waseda University (Waseda University consumers' cooperative)

Tsukuba International University easterly wind high school
Tsukuba International University easterly wind elementary school
Nippon Institute of Technology Komaba High School
Nippon Institute of Technology Komaba Junior High School

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