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It is Tuesday for 12 days from Wednesday, September 6  (on the last day, 5:00 p.m. closing art is square as for the arts and crafts salon until closing a shop)

Main building 6F art choice art gallery

Brightness Nojima Seiji sculpture exhibition of the life

It was born in Tokyo for 1,941 years. Ibaraki University graduation. A member of House of art in Japan. I put thought for brightness of the holy life fleetingly and announce the fresh and young person image full of the dynamism.

"I saw the sea"
Width 20* depth 20* 55cm in height
1,944,000 yen

Main building 6F art choice art gallery

Kojima, Karatsu Naoki ceramics exhibition

It was born in Saga for 1,962 years. I am in the way of the making earthenware from the study of old ceramics and produce it mainly on a well bowl and a tasteful bowl such as Old Karatsu. I announce the bowl of the New Item with the China such as a small plate or the bowl in addition this time.

"Oido, Karatsu bowl"
Diameter 15.7* 9.7cm in height
216,000 yen

Main building 6F art salon

Takuya Kinoshita art exhibition - ツク ≒ ハナレル ...

It was born in Saga for 1,985 years. 2011 Tokyo art University Graduate School completion. Many drawn bewitching motif overwhelms a person watching a bloodcurdling sight with an expression to approach in a delicate stroke of the pen. By book exhibition becoming the Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store first private exhibition, I exhibit approximately 30 points of New Item in a cathedral.

8 size (45.5*33.3cm)
129,600 yen

Main building 6F art square, arts and crafts salon

It depends on Tokyo art university ceramic art course current student and a graduate
The 54th forest kiln society ceramic works exhibition

Forest kiln party is an exhibition by a current student and the graduate of the Tokyo art university ceramic art course. Forest kiln society member produces the bottle and cup which featured the theme of sake "Rashomon" as a special plan and suggests book exhibition reaching the 54th.

(1)Makoto Toyofuku "red glazing cup"
Diameter 8* 3.5cm in height
16,800 yen
(2)Ryo Mikami "fried I close it bottle"
Diameter 8* 18.3cm in height
37,800 yen
(3)Ryo Mikami "kiln Aya black pipe ぐい bookmaking"
Diameter 6* 6cm in height
30,240 yen

It is Tuesday for 19 days from Wednesday, September 6

Main building 6F art spot


It was born in Okayama for 1,982 years. Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts Graduate School completion. By the way, 山江氏 which chooses it, and describes the profile of various women who give off color and scent, and are young and sometimes got over hardship again in a beautiful flower. I totally exhibit approximately ten points of beautiful oil painting like earthenware by book exhibition.

"A robe of an angel"
6 size (41* vertical 31.8cm in width)
77,760 yen (there is no picture mounting)

It is Tuesday for 19 days from Wednesday, September 13  (on the last day as for the 5:00 p.m. closing art square until closing a shop)

Main building 6F art choice art gallery

Four season Susumu Maki exhibition

It was born in Tokyo for 1,936 years. 牧氏 where I repeated work announcement mainly on a private exhibition without belonging in the group and continued describing the beauty of seasonal Japan in after guardian deity of the east in the shape of a dragon company (the Japanese painting group which late Ryushi Kawabata played a key role and formed) dissolution consistently for more than half a century. It becomes four years since the last display in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store. Furthermore, please have a look at approximately 30 points of New Item from the screen which vividly reads a deepening image boundary to a short piece.

10 size (45.5*53.0cm)
5,400,000 yen

Main building 6F art choice art gallery

Kyoto teakettle caster Sandai ஷ 羽與兵衛展

It was born in Kyoto for 1,968 years. Sandai ஷ 羽與兵衛氏 which follows the history of the Kyoto pot and traditional technique, and produces a beautiful tea service set with luster. By book exhibition, I exhibit a bowl, a tray coloring everyday life in addition to the teakettle of the recent work, with flower, a slop-basin. Please have a look at "the beauty" that had innovation and a tradition.

"An officer of textiles sinew pot"
Diameter 21* 21.2cm in height
1,728,000 yen

Main building 6F art salon

Trip — of the visiting Hosoi world beloved child foreign film exhibition — stars

It was born in Saitama for 1,981 years. Wound form Beaux-Arts completion. I exhibit sheep and elephant, will product which I described the fantastic world that I take a trip to while animals such as the frog surround the season in sweetly, approximately 20 points.

"Somewhere that is not now"
8 size (45.5*38cm)
129,600 yen

Main building 6F art square

Lacquer —Essence of Urushi— to be crystallized into

It is group exhibition with the young lacquer art family which gathered to Kanazawa College of Arts's professor, Shinya Yamamura. From an art object work to accessories, I exhibit the work which expressed lacquered variety in each.

Shinya Yamamura "turbo Marubun four Masahira box"
10.5*10.5* 1.8cm in height
518,400 yen

It is Tuesday for 26 days from Wednesday, September 20  (on the last day as for the 5:00 p.m. closing art square until closing a shop)

Main building 6F art choice art gallery

It is — Jun Takegoshi ceramic works exhibition in — Kutani chinaware there

It was born in Ishikawa for 1,948 years. Kanazawa College of Arts graduation. Japan Kogei Association regular member. The flowers and birds such as "a Toki" or "a kingfisher" are created in a picture of the colorful Kutani chinaware to a container body of the unique form by the molding method by the making of Tatara. In late years I announce the work abroad and announce the latest vase, bowl of Ms. Takekoshi who is a ceramist on behalf of modern Kutani.

Gallery talk
■September 23 (Sat/holiday) 2:00 p.m. ...
No charge for admission, advance reservations unnecessary

"Picture kingfisher Incense burner"
Width 11.8* depth 11.2* 21.6cm in height
648,000 yen

Main building 6F art choice art gallery

Anzai large oil painting exhibition

It was born in Saitama for 1,970 years. Tokyo art university Graduate School completion. A prominent minute stroke of the pen and a splendid color are new works exhibition of beautiful Anzai. Please enjoy the world that is seasonal beautiful flowers and gorgeousness including the still life.

"A figure of fruit"
20 size (50* vertical 72.7cm in width)
1,404,000 yen

Main building 6F art salon

Trip Kazuyuki Sudo Japanese painting exhibition of Wind

It was born in Gunma for 1,981 years. Tokyo art university Graduate School completion. House of Japanese academy friend. I exhibit approximately 20 points of works which drew the beauty that mineral colors including the scenery of a flower and the mountain have under the theme of "Wind" that I felt in nature of a country of birth of Sudo and the imminent land.

8 size (38*45.5cm)
432,000 yen

Main building 6F art square

Thought — Susumu Egami, Tatsuya Gojima ceramics exhibition to — inlay, white porcelain

Tatsuya Gojima who does discerning making earthenware in a form being conscious of the shadow that it seems to a container with Susumu Egami that I put various subject matters together as an axis, and making earthenware does the charm using technique of the inlay. I hold the joint exhibition of the young ceramist of Kumamoto native place, the residence.

Susumu Egami "celadon porcelain inlay vase"
Diameter 35* 36cm in height
302,400 yen

Tatsuya Gojima "white porcelain bowl"
Diameter 41.5* 22.5cm in height
324,000 yen

It is Monday, October 2 from Wednesday, September 20  (closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day)

Main building 7F, Annex building 7th floor Gallery

The 64th Japan folkcraft exhibition

It is domestic the largest open call for participants exhibition for the purpose of preservation of the Japanese superior folkcraft and upbringing of the successor. I exhibit ceramic art, dyeing and weaving, lacquer art, metalworking, tree bamboo work, doll, winning work approximately 600 points of seven areas of industrial arts in a cathedral.

Gallery talk
Every day from 0:30 p.m. to 1:30
■Wednesday, September 20 ceramic art Norio Kamiya (ceramic art writer)
■Friday, September 22 dyeing and weaving Futatsuka Osao (the important intangible cultural asset "yuzen" holder)
■Monday, September 25 lacquer art Muroze Kazumi (the important intangible cultural asset "lacquer work" holder)
■Tuesday, September 26 metalworking Yukie Osumi (the important intangible cultural asset "forging" holder)
■Wednesday, September 27 tree bamboo work Tsuyoshi Yamazaki (Kanazawa College of Arts's professor)
■Thursday, September 28 doll Riki Konya (doll writer)
■Friday, September 29 industrial arts Akira Shirohata (glass industrial arts writer)

※The (Sun) plans the work commentary by the award-winning writer from 0:30 p.m. for (Sat/holiday) .24 days on September 23.

- cultural assets preservation business report to introduce display - 技 into in particular
■Ceramic art "glaze bribe Aya" ஷ 田美統氏 (the important intangible cultural asset "glaze bribe Aya" holder)
■Dyeing and weaving "silk pongee" Sonoko Sasaki (the important intangible cultural asset "silk pongee" holder)

It is Tuesday, October 3 from Wednesday, September 20

Main building 6F arts and crafts salon

2017 living national treasure small works exhibition

I exhibit approximately 60 points of works of the holder of an important intangible cultural property (living national treasure) who can use even daily life. Please enjoy the high artistry to shine in the details.

Hoseki Okuyama a "silver coin Incense burner "wandering sentence"
Diameter 9.5* 8.5cm in height
1,080,000 yen

It is Tuesday, October 3 from Wednesday, September 27  (closed at 5:00 p.m. on the last day)

Main building 6F art choice art gallery, art salon art square

— 凛 — Nihombashi Mitsukoshi art sale of the 110th anniversary of Mitsukoshi art

I hold art fair in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store art floor. It is 13 domestic Gallery which it included "the Mitsukoshi contemporary" in to participate this time. The Gallery specializing in the art that I cannot readily see is participation in everyday Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store including contemporary art and the modern ceramic art. Please sense area of the width of the art bodily.

I offer the event which the visitor of the wide layer can already enjoy to a visitor having a lot of works from the visitor who has begun to be interested in art.

"凛" PREMIUM Friday evening
It is the event of the atmosphere that the visitor including the Gallery talk by an exhibition writer and the stylist is easy to talk with a writer.
■Time & Date: Afternoon of Friday, September 29 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Public production Ko Ito by the writer
Plan by the young molding writer using the paper
■Time & Date: Afternoon of Saturday, September 30 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Public production Manda fine weather Minoru by the writer
Plan by the writer producing a work of the transcendence art by metalworking
■Time & Date: Afternoon of Sunday, October 1 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

A special site is this place
※You can see it from Monday, September 4.

※I draw lots with some works and, in this exhibition, sell it.
Specifically, ask a person in charge.

Contact Telephone 03-3241-3311 (main switchboard) main building 6F art floor

Fuyuki Maehara "moment"
24cm in width X 61cm in depth X 3cm in height (size of the stand)
4,500,001 yen

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※The price includes all tax (8%).
※By the display (monitor) of the PC, please note that you may be different from the color of the real work.
※About the work, I heard the Reservations the exhibition period ago. The work which I published on the first day of the exhibition is already it in a case of the making a promise.
Excuse me, but thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※Store hours, exhibition contents, the holding of the Gallery talk may be changed by the situation.
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