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1    Mon

Exhibition period Art choice art gallery Art
Arts and crafts
Main building 7F
From Wednesday, January 10 to 16th (Tue) Taikan Yokoyama, 小杉放菴展 備前伊勢﨑創陶展 — origin recurrence —
Rofu Fujii oil painting exhibition
Nara carving with a single knife hina doll exhibition
... Monday, February 19
(on Tuesday, January 23
A store holiday.)
Modern great master bottle and cup feature  
From Wednesday, January 17 to 22nd (Mon) Kazuhiko Miwa coming out first むる white exhibition — fine weather ケ —
Kaori Someya Japanese painting exhibition
Sakae Ito masterpiece ceramics exhibition Shigeru Muraoka hina doll feature 2018 Winter
Mitsukoshi art choice society
(closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day)
From Wednesday, January 24 to 30th (Tue) It depends on a Japanese painter from Aichi Prefectural University of Arts
Young quail society
Poetic sentiment — where — changes
Hiroaki Ogata art exhibition
Misa Naoki tea ceramics exhibition Permanent construction  
From Wednesday, January 31 to Tuesday, February 6 Taichi Okuya exhibition Sixtieth birthday memory
Iga Hiroshi Tanimoto ceramic works exhibition
Beautiful — of — discord and the mysterious profundity
Koki Iwata metal engraving exhibition
— things cannot be seen-like form —
Permanent construction Yayoi Kusama exhibition
Simultaneous holding
Contemporary art exhibition
(closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day)
Light and water and green microcosm
Mitsuo Maehara Japanese painting exhibition

2   Mon

Exhibition period Art choice art gallery Art
Art square Arts and crafts
From Wednesday, February 7 to 13th (Tue) The 20th anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the making earthenware
Bush clover Zenzo Hatano, Hideo father and son exhibition
I describe Paris living in now
Kenji Iwami oil painting exhibition
Jun Anjiki ceramics exhibition Nara carving with a single knife hina doll exhibition Permanent construction
Modern art exhibition in France
From Wednesday, February 14 to 19th (Mon) Scene Yoshihiko Yamada exhibition of the sketch I describe days of the 96 years old joy
ஷ water Yuriko dyeing picture by a child exhibition
Meeting of the sound of the waves
Picture Silk Road line
Kazunori Takegoshi ceramic art exhibition
From Wednesday, February 21 to 27th (Tue) Sixtieth birthday memory
Osamu Murase soldier of the Imperial Guard lacquer art exhibition
Colorful — of the four seasons Aya — style
Takehiko Taninaka Japanese painting exhibition
... by the member of ... manifestation society
Second circulation tree exhibition
Sue to be dressed in
Joint exhibition of — Risa Ogi Takashi Baba —


Exhibition period Art choice art gallery Art
Art square Arts and crafts
From Wednesday, February 28 to Tuesday, March 6 It is — from — impression to an image
Person in succession to the Impressionists
Yoshimi Oka exhibition
Picture porcelain Yoshiaki Yamada ceramic works exhibition Now beauty etiquette Japanese painting exhibition to invite it Kasama Yuto Sawada ceramics exhibition Permanent construction
From Wednesday, March 7 to 13th (Tue) Holder of an important intangible cultural property
Glaze bribe Aya
ஷ 田美統展
Flap; Toko exhibition
Toko society best writer selection exhibition
... which flies in the bloom heavens of ... life
Tomoyuki Hoshino porcelain exhibition
— cherry blossom gusset Homo sapiens Odo Le —
ஷ field Yukio, るみこ
Kinzangama work feature
Jomon Iga, officer of textiles Kennin Kishimoto exhibition
From Wednesday, March 14 to 20th (Tue) The new prospects
The 57th one water society selection exhibition
Seventy years of age memory
Oyama, Bizen Suehiro ceramic works exhibition
Tsuyoshi Nagoya Japanese painting exhibition
World — of the — feeling Buddha feeling at ease
あさば 会彫刻展
Permanent construction
From Wednesday, March 21 to 27th (Tue) Masanao Kaneda exhibition Sue '18
-Power - of the kiln flame
Wooden sculpture art more than the space-time
Hideaki Maejima exhibition
... peace and calm light and shadow ...
Mitsuo Nakatsuka foreign film exhibition
Aya Honda ceramic works exhibition
"Indigo plant Sue Sue"
Kazuho Ueda Japanese painting exhibition
Put it to ... flower; and ...
From Wednesday, March 28 to Tuesday, April 3 Japanese academy
Coterie small works exhibition
(... Tuesday, April 10)
Poetry — of the — light
Yoshihiro Otomo oil painting exhibition
Kazuhiro Matsukawa exhibition
The world of the blue white porcelain
Naoki Shimoyama sculpture exhibition
— epic poem in free-style —
The 16th

Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store 〒 103-8001 1-4-1, Nihonbashimuromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-3241-3311 (main)
Store hours / from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (as for the Annex building 9.10 floor Restaurants until from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.)
※I am closed at 5:00 p.m. on the last day. (art square, industrial arts salon, the other floors special event is excluded)
※Store hours, the exhibition contents may be changed by the situation.
※Tuesday, February 20 should be a store holiday.
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