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Jewels and ornaments, Watch Floor Guide

Jewels and ornaments, Watch of Jewelry and watch Mitsukoshi


Watch salon

<A. Lange & ゾーネ> ladies' mechanical watch Collection

■From Wednesday, August 30 to Wednesday, September 27
■Main building 6F Watch salon

From New Item Collection of this year, I introduce me mainly on a ladies' mechanical watch including "Saxo near Shell dial".

<SEIKO> Ironize New Item is fair

■From Wednesday, August 30 to Wednesday, September 27
■Main building 6F Watch salon

I introduce charm of Ironize to catch information from the man-made satellite including New Item "SEIKO Ironize 8X series big date" at positional information, the time, and to revise the time.

<CITIZEN> <CITIZEN L> Collection

■From Wednesday, September 6 to 19th (Tue)
■Main building 6F Watch salon

In the background where do not give glory to the front luxuriously "to be luxury", and a product is born to environment and the society being considerate. I introduce a ladies' watch brand <CITIZEN L> of <CITIZEN>.

Jewel salon

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Uniform large feature

■Currently held - Monday, August 28
■Main building 6F jewel salon event space

I feature a colored stone, diamond, pearl, gold, a kind-rich product including the amber at a uniform price very much.

Colorful festival color diamond Collection

■From Wednesday, August 23 to 28th (Mon)
■Main building 6F event space

Water-clear diamond is generally known, but, in fact, is the mineral with various colors to diamond. A color is fixed by a ratio and the combination of the nitrogen atom to be included a lot in of the natural color diamond of neighboring carbon atoms. For example, I take in a nitrogen atom in crystal lattice, and it is to pink diamond because the next carbon atom is missing. In addition, it becomes the blue diamond when boron atoms are included approximately 0.06 ppm. As both nitrogen and boron were elements more a very small amount of than a carbon atom in the mantles of the underground, the color diamond would pick up an extremely rare element of mantles. Therefore the color diamond becomes the rare, expensive article necessarily. I introduce miraculous crystal, color diamond.

[product of the photograph]
PT diamond pendant
(D=0.72ct, fancy biBit orange yellow, SI1, Oval cut, D= 1.27ct in total)

Colored stone fair - sapphire feature ...

■From Wednesday, August 30 to Tuesday, September 5
■Main building 6F jewel salon event space

The colored stone which is colorful visually, and is pleasant. I feature sapphire with abundant color variations in that. The sapphire is famous as a stone amulet for an easy delivery of September, but, as well as blue, color variations such as pink and yellow, the orange are abundant. I introduce colorful sapphire in a loose, Jewelry. Do you not look for the sapphire of the color you like?

U.K. exhibition

■From Wednesday, September 6 to 12th (Tue)
■Main building 6F jewel salon event space

<モニッケンダム> the design which was performed of inspire by fresh and young brightness of the diamond. The Jewelry which wrapped up gentleness and the happiness that designer "Catherine Bud" who brought up sensitivity in the U.K. described. (Mitsukoshi precedent sale)

[product of the photograph]
Pt diamond pendant (with D= 0.40ct in total, the chain length adjustment function)
…410,400 yen

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

<Rodney Rayner> exhibition

■From Wednesday, September 13 to 19th (Tue)
■Main building 6F jewel salon event space

It is bold and is beautiful. The design concept of <Rodney Rayner> is gathered by these two words. It is individual and is the truth height of own personal Jewelry directing oneself whom I cannot imitate to sense and another person matching the woman who is urbane, and lives actively with feelings smartly.

[product of the photograph]
<Rodney Rayner>
POD (pod) series


■From Wednesday, September 20 to 26th (Tue)
■Main building 6F jewel salon event space

Jewelry only for you who can choose a hue and design "only as for you" from the inside that is the number of gorgeous, various fancy sapphire. Please choose the special dish to be able to use regularly for a long time at this opportunity.

A Russian Embassy "large amber exhibition" held commemorative "amber fair" residing in Japan

■From Wednesday, September 27 to Tuesday, October 3
■Main building 6F jewel salon event space

Besides a sneak preview has amber Jewelry quickly in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store and offers limited plan products prior to Russian Embassy "large amber exhibition" in particular.

Space #6

Colorful festival - tea party Jewelry ...

■Currently held - Monday, August 28
■Main building 6F space # 6

Pearl, tortoiseshell introduce the obi buckles which are available at a tea party than <Nobuko Ishikawa> from a brand again. Japan had a custom to enjoy nature from the Heian era, and "the flowers and birds poetic genius" has been got close to as words to express deep elegant flavor of the implication that expressed it. As for the "flowers and birds poetic genius" to introduce this time series, thought to want to make use of the heart in an original plan in the present age is loaded a Japanese traditional design and technique with. I pursued the times, and the thing which expressed the characteristic of the pattern of the time demanded a subject from traditional arts of Japan again and money of color (brown, quarter), the technique (inlay) to reach the Jewelry from the ancient times including the thing which I reproduced gained the favor and produced lyricism sung in ability and a general term for haiku and linked verse.

[product of the photograph]
<Nobuko Ishikawa>
The "poetic genius" obi buckle and broach (K18YG, PT900, brown, quarter, diamond)
The "flowers and birds" obi buckle and broach (K18YG, PT900, brown, quarter, diamond)
The "beauties of nature" obi buckle and broach (K18YG, PT900, brown, quarter, diamond)

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Japan Jewelry - tortoiseshell, amber fair ...

■From Wednesday, September 13 to 26th (Tue)
■Main building 6F space # 6

Rich natural material - tortoiseshell, amber ... which has been brought up naturally. The softness and the gentle complexion to have of the natural material have been got close to from ancient times. Please enjoy it at this opportunity. I look forward to the visit of all of you.

Japan Jewelry - tortoiseshell, coral feature ...

■From Wednesday, September 27 to Tuesday, October 3
■Main building 6F space # 6

The coral which is the jewel which has been treated in various forms carefully with the times to a symbol of "the beauty" is used habitually as "a charm" in the ancient times during a long history of the human, and it is said that it was the symbol of the privileged class as "wealth" in the early modern times and to color a woman in modern times. Please enjoy coral wearing various colors from red to white gorgeously.

Exhibition Hall

The 20th Mitsukoshi world watch fair

■Currently held - Monday, August 28 ※I am closed at 6:00 p.m. on the last day
■Main building 7F Exhibition Hall

Festival "Mitsukoshi world watch fair" of the Watch largest in memorable Japan reaching the 20th anniversary. The theme of this year "the succession of time." Other than special display to look back on the step of 20 years with a valuable document, a cathedral can see limited products to get including the latest model of domestic and foreign Watch brands only in world-limited rare piece and Nihombashi Mitsukoshi.

Special site


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi bridal ring attend service

■Main building 6F jewel salon

It is service helping with that the exclusive duty staff chooses the ideal bridal ring of the visitor as. Because you can weigh a brand to be worried about, a bridal ring of the design at the same time, it does not have to go around the many shops and can choose it slowly. I accept the Reservations than the following URL. form

Mitsukoshi Jewelry & watch official Facebook

It is the official page of the Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store (Jewelry & watch). I send the latest information of Jewelry, the Watch of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store in the glance of the stylist.


The Watch site that a Watch enthusiast makes. It is an interchange site talking about knowledge and information, an episode of the Watch.

Special site

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I transcribe it in the sales price of the new tax rate application from April 1, 2014.

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