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Event & fair


■Currently held - Tuesday, September 5
※It is a store holiday on Tuesday, August 29.
■Annex building 6th floor event space

POP UP of the world Children's Wear <Ma Mere> comes up. I develop <ARMANI JUNIOR>, <IL GUFO>, autumn/winter luxury fashion of <シモネッタ>. I develop refined, gorgeous Collection which is good to the place of "the fine weather".

[product of the photograph]
Dress (100-120cm)…66,960 yen ...

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

School bag of Mitsukoshi

■Currently held
■Annex building 6th floor Children's Wear

I introduce a lot of Mitsukoshi Isetan original school bags this year. Including "the pattern maid school bag which can make a school bag only for oneself with the rich combination including the collaboration model with the brand and a color, print, the form," I offer a wide lineup and wait.

[product of the photograph]
<Roy star>
Pattern maid school bag…63,720 yen ...

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Summer vacation child tea party

■Saturday, August 26 .27 days (Sun)
■Annex building 6th floor experience Aria

I make powdered green tea and draw a book on the round fan using colorful paint and mention Japanese culture casually and am the event which I can experience.

■A lecturer: Person of back 1,000 tea ceremony associate professor Takashi Matsumura Ryo
Person of calligraphy ten thousand beauty he

※Come in the clothes which may become dirty.

[information for event]
■Time: From every day 1:00 p.m. (approximately 60 minutes)
■Capacity: Every day ten people (you can participate in child of (protector companion) 4 years old or older)
■An entrance fee: For free
■A Reservations inquiry: 03-3274-8384 (Annex building 6th floor child article)
※I accept it over a telephone from Monday, August 21. In the case of Reservations, I ask about a day desired.

<MIKI HOUSE> refresh open

■Wednesday, August 30 ...
■Annex building 6th floor MIKI HOUSE

A <MIKI HOUSE> shop of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store enlarges and is refreshed and opens. Mainly on babies' Item that was particular about material and quality, I wait for a visitor by substantial assortment of goods such as clothes or shoes to snuggle up to in life of child.

[gift, privilege]
<MIKI HOUSE> a refresh open fair
I present a <MIKI HOUSE> original novelty to the first 50 people of the Purchase more than 10,800 yen with a product of <MIKI HOUSE>.

<Mamas & Papas> a shop for a limited time

■From Wednesday, September 6 to 19th (Tue)
■Annex building 6th floor event space

An appearance first a good-quality British babies' brand <Mamas & Papas> loved in all the countries of the world in Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store! I introduce a lot of popular Item.

[product of the photograph]
<moms & Papas>
(1)Moses basket…30,240 yen
(2)Dream pod sleeper…8,640 yen
(3)Star-shaped cushion (two set)…5,400 yen

<Baby Castle> delivery preparations are fair

■From Wednesday, September 13 to 18th (Mon/holiday)
■Annex building 6th floor baby salon

It is the special information that I turned to the family made delivery than <Baby Castle> which handles mainly Bedding and the clothing for new-born infants.

[product of the photograph]
<Baby Castle>
100,000 sets of delivery articles (set contents: two-way dress *3, Afghan, food, short underwear *3, COMBI underwear *3, a mini-oar, socks, a mitten, Stai *2, bath towel, gauze Handkerchiefs, bathing use set, an arm pillow for the nursing, nursing cushion, futon set, a towelling blanket or a cotton blanket, kilt pad, waterproof sheet)…108,000 yen

<Enfant d' ALKA> MUSO series

■From Wednesday, September 13 to 26th (Tue)
■Annex building 6th floor child shoes / Enfant d' ALKA

The unique lineup that did collaboration with an Italian picture book writer from <Enfant d' ALKA> supporting the growth of the foot of the child and a comfortable walk is an appearance! I jump out, and creature “ MUSO" of the imagination is colorful, and it introduces delightful stylish Collection to the reality world.

[product of the photograph]
<Enfant d' ALKA>
Shoes (17.5-24.5cm)…38,880 yen ...

The making of original puzzle

■From Saturday, September 16 to 18th (Mon/holiday)
■Annex building 5th floor toys garden

[information for event]
The making of puzzle original on Respect-for-Senior-Citizen's Day
Let's present original puzzle to grandmother with grandfather!
■Time: Every day from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
■An entrance fee: 432 yen
■Capacity: 20 every day first arrival (I guide you sequentially as soon as a seat is vacant.)
■Target age: 3 years old or older

Power of clothes

■From Wednesday, September 20 to 26th (Tue)
■Annex building 6th floor Babies'/Children's wear

The 服育 event which supports selection of clothes granting a wish to "want such a child to bring up." With Mika Mizutani who associated with more than 5000 parent and child as an impression change consultant, an examination stylist, I hold the coordinate experience that the personal consulting that can do selection of clothes of child, child choose clothes as.

[information for event]
Mika Mizutani personal consulting
■A schedule: September 23 (Sat/holiday), 24th (Sun)
■Time: It is ... at -, 1:00 p.m. - .2 time - .3 time - .4 at 11:00 a.m. in every day
■The time required: Each time approximately 60 minutes
■Capacity: Each one set of time ※Prior Reservation required
■An entrance fee: For free
■Reservations, an inquiry: 03-3274-8384 (Annex building 6th floor Babies'/Children's wear)
※Specifically, ask a person in charge.


■Wednesday, September 20 ...
■Annex building 6th floor baby salon

It is various and has Item of the Mitsukoshi Isetan-limited where Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Head Office recommends it to with confidence and introduces me.

[product of the photograph]
<KISETTE grande>
Combined use dress (size: one size (50-60cm correspondence))…10,584 yen
Food (size: 40cm)…4,104 yen
Afghan…12,960 yen

<Oilily> POP UP SHOP

■From Wednesday, September 27 to Tuesday, October 3
■Annex building 6th floor event space

I introduce New Item of <Oilily> that colorful design gets a lot of looks by birth in Netherlands. Both spring/summer and <room seven> and collaboration Item of <ナタリーレテ> that I had a favorable reception come up.
(the left) <room seven X ナタリーレテ> a dress (90-150cm)…7,992 yen ...
(the right) <Oilily> a dress (100-150cm)…12,744 yen ...
※Others are not for sale.

"Day of the Dog service"

In the babies' salon, I give service to wind up person who purchased さらしをご or one にさらしを which you had. Specifically, ask a person in charge.
※Please note that you may keep you waiting by the situation.
September .10 moon "day of the Dog" calendar
Friday, September 8 .20 days (Wed)
Monday, October 2 .14 days (Sat) .26 days (Thu)

Professional staff is resident including Maternity baby CONCEIRGE. Please feel free to consult me in anything including how to choose Maternity articles and a hospitalization fallback, the delivery fallback for babies.

I introduce recommended goods to delivery preparations in this page.

For free conference information

Conference of mother and the child quickly and healthily healthy child care

The child care consultation by the community health nurse had Saturday, April 22 and was finished.


It is one month after pregnancy 26 weeks - life

Guidance for babies 1-month-old from pregnancy 26 weeks ※There is individual difference in Change of the weight and the figure.

[Change of mom]

As for breast developing more and more, and there becoming fewer approximately two cup increase in quantity, constrictions of WEST as for the volume of the chest than before pregnancy, and the internal organs being pushed up, and stomach getting hard. I am reliable when I prepare the necessary thing and delivery fallback of the baby with a choice of a good day of the physical condition. As the bust of the average between the childbirth lactation is different in volume and the tension before and after the nursing heavily, I will support it with an exclusive brassiere well. In addition, as for the chance of the shape-up, effective soon after the delivery around three months of until the time for childbirth six months; ask it, and is broken. Let's begin shape-up without unreasonableness premeditatedly while seeing physical condition.

[baby after pregnancy 26 weeks ago]

The movement of hands and feet becomes active to push up the skin of the stomach so as to understand a form clearly among them. The hearing develops and may react to an outside sound.

[baby after birth 2-month-old from 0]

I spend most of the day sleeping, and there is very much number of times of pee and the shit. When it is past one month, subcutaneous fat runs out and begins to react to the neighborhood little by little as sight and the hearing develop. Furthermore, when it is around two months, the neck begins to sit down, too, and the build keeps strong considerably, too. The lactational distance will be stable, too.

The recommended product which a babies' consultant chooses


It is an introduction of the Class babies' feather cover ring futon set of the Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store limited sale.
I use a feather of the mother white goose 93% down from Poland for a comforter, a skin comforter. Because I finish weaving a thin thread in case to wrap a feather in densely, the feel prevents invasions of the tick in lightweight well. As the base side is rough structure, be superior to breathability and heat radiation, 放湿性, and, as for the futon with floor, it is possible for the hand-washing at a home, too.
I finished the colorful animal print that enhanced Kaai いらしさを of the baby in the kind design which packed a lot of dreams into the motif. At the same time, I offer the cotton wool cloth of the series.

Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store limited sale

Feather futon
Eight points of Class feather cover ring futon set…84,240 yen

Set contents
  • Feather comforter (95*120cm)
  • Feather skin comforter (85*115cm)
    (two points mentioned above: ふとんがわ / 85% polyester, 15% cotton, a product made in Japan, stopping / mother white goose 93% down, 7% feather, a product made in Japan)
  • Comforter cover (102*128cm)
  • Skin comforter cover (87*117cm)
  • Lap sheet (70*120cm)
  • Quilting pad (70*120cm)
    (four points mentioned above: 100% cotton, a product made in Japan)
  • Waterproof sheet (70*120cm) (80% cotton, 20% polyester, product made in Japan)
  • Futon (non-Shock rough processing, 70*120cm, product made in Japan) with floor
    (ふとんがわ / 85% polyester, 15% cotton, / 100% polyester of the final stage)

From two months to four months after birth

Guidance for babies 4-month-old from two months after birth ※There is individual difference in Change of the weight and the figure.

[baby after birth 4-month-old from 2]

The neck begins to sit down, too, and the build keeps strong considerably, too. Waking hours becomes long, and the lactational distance is relatively stable, too.
There is the individual difference of the growth, too, but the growth comes out to the slaver remarkably. In addition, there is "grr" the baby who begins to speak called the baby language (nothing) with finger sucking and "a".
So that a vertical alette is made from a wide alette when I hold my head up. The expression becomes rich, too and comes to understand the face of mom and a clear color little by little.
I take it to the walk in a baby stroller and sling on a fine day and will satisfy the curiosity of the baby.

The recommended product which a babies' consultant chooses


I made a stone amulet for an easy delivery said to be able to find happiness when I wore it a small ring-shaped pendant top. I offer the case which can tick away message at the bottom.

1 K18 "baby ring" stone errand
Other than diamond (April)…12,960 yen
Diamond…19,440 yen (K18, stone amulet for an easy delivery, product made in Japan)

※Case (with carved seal) 3,240 yen
※It takes approximately three weeks from an order.
※I offer other platinum.


It is the tableware of pretty ceramics creating a pleasant meal. It is round and can feel the genuine feel since the days of a baby with moderate weight. It is suitable for gift.

Tableware set…12,960 yen
(set contents: a bowl, mug, both hands cup, plate, spoon Fork, material: as for ceramics (microwave oven correspondence), spoon, Fork stainless steel)

Five months ... after birth

Guidance for five months - baby after birth ※There is individual difference in Change of the weight and the figure.

[baby after birth 6-month-old from 5]

Movement and the development of the body are remarkable, and the babies who can do roll-over increase. I hold out with a foot and catch a thing in the soba, and a baby is very busy when I take it to the entrance. I come to be able to tell the difference between the person, and the shyness is given, too. I begin to show interest in eating and am a start of the baby food.
In addition, I begin to cut the immunity that I got from mom soon. Symptoms such as the heat may come out.

[baby after birth 8-month-old from 7]

I improve groveling, and the power of the arm is turned on, too and comes to be able to crawl on all fours. Let hold onto the desk if become in the latter half of eight months, and is caught when an adult supports both underarms while there is few it; in 立 ちができる 事.
In addition, deciduous tooth begins to grow from this time. All turn into permanent tooth, but don't be careless. Let's put up a meal and the snacks regularly if possible.

[baby from nine months after birth]

An athletic capability and a function are remarkable and develop, and the figure becomes slender, too. A sitting trick and the crawling come to be possible well, too and seem to come to often go into mischief as an action becomes active. The declaration of intention becomes clear, too and generally comes to understand words of mom, too.
If 1 year old becomes near, they stream down it, and the babies who can do it of the walk increase. I become able to understand the neighboring relations with oneself, and meaningful words may come out of the mouth of the baby.

  • School bag of School Bag Information Mitsukoshi About point or a New Item school bag of the selection of school bag, I introduce helpful information.

  • Mitsukoshi baby kids club ぷちりおん It is babies' kids' club supporting growth of child with a family.

※The price includes all tax (8%).
I transcribe it in the sales price of the new tax rate application from April 1, 2014.

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