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Service guide: Consultation


Gift Salon Main Building 5F

■Main building 5F = Gift Salon
A gift adviser with the abundant knowledge about the gift accepts a present of the ceremonial occasion, the consultation of the gift in return.

Bridal, ceremonial hall consultation Main Building 5F for free

■Main building 5F = bridal corner
The staff with the technical knowledge supports it for total from the marriage including Introduction of Places for Ceremonies, the present to preparations for new life a betrothal present.

Bridal Jewelry Main Building 6F for free

■Main building 6F = jewel salon
A Jewelry coordinator shows around various Bridal Jewelry together.

CONCEIRGE Main Building 7F for free of the living

■The Cafe of the main building 7F = opening
I have the service for the living that your parents who are same or are far, and live including meals on wheels service and the housework service can use with the whole family.

Insurance consultation Annex building 8th floor Reservation required for free

■Annex building 8th floor = REFORM BOUTIQUE point
An exclusive duty adviser of the Mitsukoshi Isetan group with the technical knowledge asks about consultation in a protected exclusive room of the privacy. (consultation for free, Reservation required)
[Reservations, inquiry] MI CARD 0120-678-872 (from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

Care consultation main building 7F Reservation required for free

■Main building 7F = lacking decision club
I have a care article. Professional staff gives you appropriate advice.

Nutrition consultation Main Building 7F Reservation required for free

■Main building 7F = lacking decision club
I have health food. Nationally registered dietitian gives you appropriate advice.

Pharmacist Main Building 7F medical care

■Main building 7F = medicine
I accept consultation of the medicine which fitted the symptom of the visitor.

Trip consultation main building 7F for free

■Annex building 7th floor = Mitsukoshi thoraBell Center "salon of the trip"

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