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Service guide: Order / Remake / maintenance

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Order Annex building 2F charged of the ladies' wear

■Annex building 2F = Ladies' Clothing order salon

Order Main Building 2F charged of the men's wear

■Main building 2F = men's order salon


Repair, Remake Main Building 1F charged of the Accessories

■Main building 1F = Accessories
I repair size and accept design Remake.

Repair, Remake Main Building 6F charged of the Jewelry

■Main building 6F = Jewelry salon
I repair size and accept design Remake.

Fur Remake Main Building 3F Reservation required charged

■Main building 3F = fur salon
I remodel a fur coat you have in new design. (require reservation)

Interior design studio Main Building 5F charged

■Main building 5F = Interior
I repair Interior coordinates, repair, maintenance, finish of the Furniture and accept consultation of the Remake whole of the house.

REFORM BOUTIQUE Annex building 8th floor charged

■Annex building 8th floor
I take the repair of the clothes, bag you have, various adjustment and Remake remakes, the order of clothes, the kimono.


Repair & Shoo care studio Main Building 2F charged

■Main building 2F = Men's shoes
Shoo care (I polish shoes), lift exchange, all sole, Heal repair, etc.

Care for kimono consultation main building 4F Reservation required charged

■Main building 4F = kimono consultation corner
It washes a stain remover of the kimono, and it accepts the consultation such as sewing substitutes to two copies type obi becoming comfortable care such as tension for kimono and to close.

Golf club re-ぺ ア & advice Main Building 4F charged

■Main building 4F = golf gear
While grip exchange, the repair of the golf club watch the preference of the visitor, I accept consultation.

Recycling & refresh main building 4F charged of the feather futon

■Main building 5F = Bedding
I accept the makeover of the feather comforter you have.

Cleaning Main Building 5F charged of the carpet

■Main building 5F = Interior
※It is limited to a Purchase product.

Watch repair, Belts, battery exchange Main Building 6F charged

■Main building 6F = Watch salon
I accept battery exchange, an overhaul. A Watch repair engineer guides you.

Picture mounting (art) main building 6F charged

■Main building 6F = frame salon

Shoes bag repair studio Annex building 1F charged

■Annex building 1F = Women's Shoes
The repair such as Women's Shoes, Men's shoes, Handbags, the bag.

Cleaning <Hakuyosha> Annex building 7F charged

■Annex building 7th floor
I have various MENU from dry-cleaning to special cleaning such as fur or the leather.

<MISTER MINIT> parking structure 1F charged

■Parking structure 1F
It is correct and, commencing with shoes repair, accepts the making of Ordinary Key.

Pants hemming Quick service main building 3F charged

■Main building 3F = Ladies' Clothing handing over salon
※It is limited to a Purchase product.

Kimono-related bibliopolism corner Main Building 4F charged

■Main building 4F = kimono floor book corner
I have the specialized books such as dressing, coordinates of the kimono, the technique of the dyeing and weaving abundantly.

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