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  • <St.John >2,017 Autumn/Winter Collection

    <St.John >2,017 Autumn/Winter Collection

    ■From Tuesday, August 22 to Tuesday, September 5
    ■Main building 5F ARIA CHIARA
    An American luxury brand <St.John> known as the prominent refined style established in 1962. A high technique and simple and are American design attracting women of the world with elegant knit.
    As it is various and introduces winter New Item in the autumn of 2017, look by all means at this opportunity.

  • <BAUME & MERCIER> Clifton club fair

    <BAUME & MERCIER> Clifton club fair

    ■From Tuesday, August 22 to Monday, September 4
    ■Main building 9F Watch BAUME & MERCIER
    BAUME & MERCIER founded in 1830 is one of the well-established brands popular in the world.
    The elegant sports watch which is recommended for the gentleman that the New Item "Clifton club" loves sports. I comprise a backlashing prevention bezel, and the case thickness is recommended for the coordinates with the suit with 10.3mm thinly.
    During a period, I present a novelty to first arrival, ten people of the Purchase.

  • Ladies order salon <point Makiko> autumn/winter order meeting

    Ladies order salon <point Makiko> autumn/winter order meeting

    ■From Friday, August 18 to 20th (Sun)
    ■Main building 6F Special section
    Original pret-a-porter "Cretion de Makiko." The theme color of this term "marron brown." Please enjoy it with new arrival import cloth to trouble wears such as the on travel, convenient Polyester which evolved to Saucer from the cicada Formal which treated the color Swarovski which "advances to the invitation to dinner, and wants to attend" modestly "which country shall I visit this time?".

  • <L'EQUIPE> conscious black

    <L'EQUIPE> conscious black

    ■From Tuesday, August 15 to 20th (Sun)
    ■Main building 1F the stage
    I introduce New Item back satin series of this season in a full-line nap.
    The black wearing that gives dignified beauty in a symbol of the simple luxury. The refined coordinates that moderate femininity and the soft impression added. I introduce cool black style.

  • Sapporo Mitsukoshi formula "LINE @" began it!

    Sapporo Mitsukoshi formula "LINE @" began it!

    The news of special event information, gourmet of Sapporo Mitsukoshi and the pleasant fair arrives,
    Sapporo Mitsukoshi official "LINE @" starts!

    ★★The friend addition is Clik! in this>>

    I would like friend registration by "an ID search" from "friend addition" of LINE!
    The ID of Sapporo Mitsukoshi is "@ sp _ mitsukoshi". .

  • Visitor-limited <br> MI CARD reshuffling campaign having a food floor reward card

    Visitor-limited having a food floor reward card
    MI CARD reshuffling campaign

    ■Until Thursday, August 31
    ■Sapporo Mitsukoshi, Marui Imai Sapporo Main Store
    During a period, I give "a shopping coupon for 1,000 yen" only for a person having a food floor reward card when I will change it to MI CARD.
    ※Please let me limit it to each shop that a procedure of the enrollment was completed in Cards counter on the day.
    ※Specifically, ask a person in charge.
    For more information:>>>

  • Information for "anniversary Jewelry" "ladies' luxury watch" recommended product

    Information for "anniversary Jewelry" "ladies' luxury watch" recommended product

    ■Main building 9F jewels and ornaments, Watch
    I snuggle up quietly in the life and it is various and has "the ladies' luxury watch" which only wears it on a day of the fine weather, and gives good "anniversary Jewelry" and daily life safeness if I spend time together. Please drop in.
    For more information:>>>

  • Telephone order service guidance

    Telephone order service guidance

    ■Marui Imai, Sapporo Mitsukoshi
    A digital handbill (round communication, Mitsukoshi NEWS) can order the product having the mark of the telephone order with the phone number of the publication by the MICARD [MI CARD] settlement.
    For more information:>>>

  • It is a line in a slight sincerity public original expression

    It is a line in a slight sincerity public original expression

    It is Toru for line, all the welcomes Chinese immigrant companion Seki note Japanese-style in a Sapporo Mitsukoshi officials slight sincerity public original expression.
    詳情請点撃此処. An apology apology!>>

  • Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their Mitsukoshi Isetan.

    Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their Mitsukoshi Isetan.

    All the visitors
                                          Sapporo Mitsukoshi
    I give employee of Mitsukoshi Isetan and I say with "there is the person who is going to do shopping using Cards of the visitor" and telephone it and say with "I let you contact me from the bank association as Cards of the visitor may be used illegally" more and get the banker of the visitor, an account number, a password persuasively, and fraud to visit the home, and to keep bank cards occurs frequently.
    Caution (Please be careful…) enough from our employee or person giving Japanese Bankers Association not to make any telephone and certainly teaching the account information such as passwords even if I have a visit, and handing a bank card.
    An emergency, such a telephone if have a visit, notification, please talk with the nearest police station immediately.

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