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  • Robot exhibition of the living

    Robot exhibition of the living

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, May 24 to 30th (Tue)
    ■A meeting place: Open space of the 定禅寺通 り building 1st floor light
    I introduce the latest robot giving relief and niceness for the living including a communication robot and a care robot, the therapy robot to a cathedral.
    For a dance and a running robot and a robot, the care that the conversation is possible watch it, and display and sell 20 kinds including the robot.

  • [MI CARD] Summer new enrollment campaign

    [MI CARD] Summer new enrollment campaign

    ■Exhibition period: From Thursday, June 1 to Monday, July 31
    During a period, I give a shopping 1,000 yen coupon to the new person who had you enroll without exception in Mitsukoshi M CARD at store.
    Furthermore, from the day when I had you enroll, there is a privilege of the 5% point.

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  • [babies' Children's Wear] 2018 school bag release

    [babies' Children's Wear] 2018 school bag release

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, June 7 to Wednesday, February 28
    ■A meeting place: 定禅寺通 り building 3rd floor Special section
    I introduce a school bag for child of the entrance to school in 2018.
    Look for a favorite school bag by all means in Sendai Mitsukoshi.
    ※Because congestion is anticipated at the time of sale about the school bag of 2 following brands, it becomes the precedent release.
    ●"大峽製鞄" PREMIUM school bag Friday, June 2 ...
    ※The handling this year becomes the following type 2.
       ・CP total CORDOVAN PREMIUM black, red
       ・ST cowhide super tough PREMIUM black, navy gray, red, cherry
    ●Mitsukoshi Isetan original "cokitica" X "大峽製鞄" new standard school bag Saturday, June 3 ...
    ※The (Wed) distributes a rearranging ticket at the 定禅寺通 り building Ichibancho side entrance from 9:40 for (Sat) .7 days for .3 days on Friday, June 2.
    ※Only Mitsukoshi Isetan original <Ohba Seiho> super tough school bag and super tough STITCH COMBI school bag distribute a rearranging ticket on Wednesday, June 7.
    ※I ask in order of a rearranging ticket if it opens.
    ※I accept the order over the telephone of the day of the release, and there cannot be it about the release Mitsukoshi Isetan original "cokitica" X "大峽製鞄" new standard school bag on Saturday, June 3.

    Specifically, please refer to a person in charge.
    Contact information 仙台三越定禅寺通 り building 3rd floor school bag charge Oshino, Nakajima
    TEL: 022-221-8330

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  • Sendai Mitsukoshi roof beer garden open!

    Sendai Mitsukoshi roof beer garden open!

     ■Exhibition period: From Tuesday, May 16 to Sunday, September 10
     ■Time: From May to June from 17:00 to 21:30
         From July to September from 16:00 to 22:00
     ■A tax-included rate: Adult 3,500 yen primary schoolchild 1,800 yen two hours all-you-can-drink, all-you-can-eat 

    A beer garden opens in the Sendai Mitsukoshi roof! The theme of this year prepares local cuisine and Class B gourmet that I use the northeastern production center ingredients as "Michinoku kitchen". In addition, I offered the world cooking every month in rotation. As for the drink, a kind or the highball of the beer are enriched, too. Come by all means.
    <an inquiry, Reservations> 022-221-5359 (from 11:00 to 17:00) 

  • [baby, Children's Wear] ストッケフェア

    [baby, Children's Wear] ストッケフェア

    ■Exhibition period: From Saturday, May 13 to 30th (Tue)
    ■A place: 仙台三越定禅寺通 り building 3rd floor Babies'/Children's wear floor Special section

    I had the babies' goods which was indispensable to a baby stroller and a cuddle string, a baby chair, delivery preparations including the bed from babies' article brand "ストッケ" born in Norway.
    Please come to the store by all means at this opportunity.

  • Under a "charm of Japan" Photo exhibition work offer!

    Under a "charm of Japan" Photo exhibition work offer!

    [offer period, exclusive mount period] From Wednesday, March 29 to Wednesday, May 31
    [mount sale place] Koseki of the 定禅寺通 り building 2nd Basement Floor camera
    [display period] From Wednesday, August 2 to Tuesday, August 15
    [display meeting place] In front of main building 7F Art Gallery

    A photo exhibition largest in Japan where even the cause, anyone of the thought to want to feel joy to take a photograph, pleasure to print it, and to give glory to can participate in casually "tie "PHOTO IS" thought. The Photo exhibition of 50,000 people. In each Mitsukoshi Isetan group shop, I hold "charm of Japan" "Photo exhibition" as a collaboration plan of "the Photo exhibition of 50,000 people" of FUJIFILM.
    Does a visitor including the contact with a tradition, culture, nature, scenery, a family tie, the animal of Japan not apply with a choice of attractive "of" Japan and "special one piece" to feel?

    * Application essential point
    The application is easy! Only as for three step!
    At 1 store, I purchase "an exclusive mount". (tax-included 500 yen)
    "An exclusive mount" puts 2 photograph works (A3 version) and fills in title, comment.
    A participation procedure completes 3 "exclusive mounts" by direct mail in the secretariat.
    ※The burden on person that the postage had you participate. All the entries display it.
    ※The work which I can subscribe for is 1 meeting place 1 work.

    * Entry theme
    Attractive "of" Japan and the subject to feel are what, but Japanese culture and a tradition, culture, nature, scenery, a family tie, a visitor including the contact with the animal are possible. ※An example: Cherry tree, the fresh green, festival, fireworks, bond with the pet, memorial day of an entrance ceremony, a graduation ceremony, the compendium of seasonal words

  • [Menswear] MEN' S SELECTION SPRING 2017

    [Menswear] MEN' S SELECTION SPRING 2017

    ■Wednesday, March 1 ...
    ■Main building 5F gentleman business, 定禅寺通 り building 4th floor gentleman casual

    Including the hybrid suit which evolved in the yugo of the element varying in Power of Hybrid, I introduce men's New Item wear, Accessories in 2017, spring.

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