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※By circumstances of the diversity, I may change exhibition period.
In addition, I may not offer some publication products. of the parking spot.

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  • Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their us.

    Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their us.

    All the visitors

    Give employee of Takamatsu Mitsukoshi, and make a call to a visitor recently; at "store
    Cards of the visitor is going to be taken advantage of illegally; to "forged Cards
    Say, the account of the visitor was used; and of the credit card
    Get a number and a password, and damage to visit the home occurs; and
    ります. In addition, I tell the contact information such as financial institutions as consultation of the abuse
    Our person in charge telephoned a visitor by such an item directly
    I may not visit り, the home. Communication and the visit that are suspicious by any chance
    But, personal information or money, the article of the visitor be provided even if there is it
    んよう enough Caution (Please be careful…).

    Takamatsu Mitsukoshi

  • "Charm of Japan" Photo exhibition

    "Charm of Japan" Photo exhibition

    Under a "charm of Japan" Photo exhibition work offer!

    ■An offer period: From Wednesday, March 29 to Wednesday, May 31
    ■An exclusive mount sale place: Main building 5F dining & kitchen cashier

    Photo exhibition largest in Japan where even the cause, anyone of the thought to want you to feel joy to take a photograph, pleasure to print it, and to give glory to can participate in casually
    "I join "PHOTO IS" thought together. The Photo exhibition of 50,000 people.
    In each Mitsukoshi Isetan group shop "the Photo exhibition of 50,000 people" of FUJIFILM
    I hold "charm of Japan" "Photo exhibition" as の collaboration plan.
    As for the contact with a tradition, culture, nature, scenery, a family tie, the animal of Japan,
    Does a visitor not apply with a choice of "charm of Japan" and "special one piece" to feel?

    From Click here for details>>>

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