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GINZA stage the first-floor from EYE LOVE SUNGLASSES 2018 Wednesday, June 13, 2018 on Tuesday, August 14

Lenses color of lenses, the light coloration of the round type that the popular Sunglasses is feminine this season is type such as the delicate metal trainer frame. In addition, the type which is マスキュリン where a bridge part to tie lenses to became double, the flat type which one piece of lenses prepared of both eyes. It becomes troublesome to run, and to hang even how wonderful Sunglasses if a feeling is bad. I coordinate the Sunglasses so that the Sunglasses which had you purchase it on the 1F GINZA stage fits it by a customer. For more details, please refer to a person in charge.

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At first the model that what I wanted to introduce adopted a symbolic metal logo of <PRADA> in temple. As it is trendy round Focus, it becomes easy to run.
In addition, the style which mixed popular round shape with trendy refined clean form this season introduces. In the styling which seems to be this year with bright color lenses at a stretch.

<GUCCI> eyeware Collection of this season when I was particular about decoration with eccentric at the same time to be elegant. As for feminine round Focus using the metal, decoration of the pearl and an interlocking grip logo of symbolic GG add seasonal flavor to this style.
Popular concept "Sylvie" of the GUCCI appears for the eyeware. Item that modishness fused if nostalgic with stripe of blue and the Red as accent. I garnish a bit big Tricolore temple which is Aiko Nic with a logo to attract the public eye.

Of the design which seems to be this year out frame using the metal outward of the metal frame <Chloe>.
The form of the fashion which brand founder Gabby アギョン called "the daily life clothes that it is elegant in the ultimate and is of good quality." pursued is DNA streaming down <Chloe> even now.
The elegant Sunglasses attracts attention of the woman who is sensitive to a trend with the boldness that got an idea in vintage Sunglasses.
The lenses of the attractive gradation color are impressive.

The Sunglasses which the line which <Saint Laurent> is simple, and is elegant is characterized by. I update the style which is Aiko Nic in the metal frame of the double Bridges tile in this season. As metal Focus and lens are style of the metal structure that fused, I can wear it with unisex. It is carved a seal in both temple in signature "SAINT LAURENT".

An eyeware brand <Ray-Ban> having many icons. Even unisex prepares available recommended Sunglasses.
The Sunglasses which features material, new Focus that "standard that irregular is new" and RB4259F of Ray-Ban to propose are new.
Transparent lenses are cool impressions. Even if hang the frame using flexible material in lightweight all day, is comfortable; hang it, and realize a feeling.

Eque.M which is the founder of <フレンシー & Mercury> who became an eyeware designer on behalf of Japan is the new brand which proposed the name as a brand name on the front of oneself.
The brand concept just succeeded to a concept of <フレンシー & Mercury>; "charm oneself plain elegantly".
I produce it with the discerning design which I pulled which does not permit compromise by the manufacturing by the craftsman of Sabae, Fukui that is famous for eyeware production and create the valuable thing.

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    ・miu miu

  • ・Christian Dior

    ・TIFFANY & Co.



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