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Ginza fashion week

Ginza fashion week ■It is Tuesday for 27 days from Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"GINZA FASHION WEEK" that Matsuya Ginza, Kazumitsu, Tokyu plaza Ginza and GINZA SIX participating from this time work together with Ginza Mitsukoshi on the stage of a town of Ginza and hold. At the 14th this time, I introduce & best recommended fashion Item and Sweets for a limited time, event not to be able to miss under the theme of <spring Item of Ginza to enjoy with "a cherry tree"> at one sweep!

GINZA FASHION WEEK X Hearst Ladies pictorial company
Tamaki Ogata illustration original charity tote bag

  • I plan Hearst Ladies pictorial company issuing women's magazines such as "ELLE ジャポン" "25ans" "Ladies pictorial" "Harper's Bazaar" and charity campaign by the collaboration of GINZA FASHION WEEK and limited number of sell it.
    ■Sales price: One piece of 700 yen

    ※It is finished 5 stores as soon as I disappear 2,000 pieces-limited / in total.

    ■A sale place: Each shop Special section
    ※Ginza Mitsukoshi 1F Lion statue entrance Special section
    (please confirm the details in each shop Web site)

    ※I contribute the profit of sales to "the child healthy upbringing promotion foundation" which supports all children of the Great East Japan Earthquake stricken area.

    ※The image is image.


  • — Ginza Mitsukoshi —

    Feel spring in bold floral design earlier than anyone else

    I express the view of the world of the photograph of Mika Ninagawa who is a photographer, a movie director in textile. I should be able to become the leading role of this spring if I wear impressive floral design.

    Blouse 33,480 yen
    Skirt 35,640 yen
    Clutch 10,692 yen
    ■All cloth M / Micah Ninagawa /4 floor 4th of GINZA


  • — Ginza Mitsukoshi —

    The karinto which is full of addicting cherry trees sweetness and a salty taste

    Sweetness and the salty taste that covered it with the powder of the leaf of the cherry tree more that I chopped salt done cherry blossom petals are the karinto which they matched exquisitely. The subtle flavor of the cherry tree spreads softly.

    Cherry tree karinto 700 yen
    ■淺草小桜地下 2F

GINZA Flower Walk

※During a period, I offer the cherry tree spot that can feel coming of spring in each shop. I have each shop rotate, and you can see the display which can feel cherry blossoms and a cherry tree.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

I pick up a place of each shop recommendation and introduce it titled "GINZA Flower Walk" on the stage of Ginza Mitsukoshi, Matsuya Ginza, Kazumitsu, Tokyu plaza Ginza, each shop of GINZA SIX in this GFW.

<Ginza Mitsukoshi>⇒

Harumi Street Exit

<Matsuya Ginza>⇒

8th floor MG terrace


Main building window

<Tokyu plaza Ginza>⇒

KIRIKO TERRACE hangs down; cherry tree, 櫻 ノ teahouse


Roof GINZA SIX garden

★I hit by shopping more than 2 stores! GINZA FASHION WEEK gift campaign

During a period, bring the receipt which had you purchase it more than tax-included 10,000 yen in more than 2 stores among Ginza Mitsukoshi, Matsuya Ginza, Kazumitsu, Tokyu plaza Ginza, 5 stores of GINZA SIX to the application paper distribution place of the for the last time purchase store. I hand application paper. Clearly stating a matter necessary for application paper, I present Restaurants ticket (for Restaurants ticket 3,000 yen to be available at each store for an X 5 store for = 15,000 yen) to 100 people by lot when I have you propose it.

■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, March 14 to 27th (Tue)
■A venue: Each shop Special section
※Ginza Mitsukoshi 1F Lion statue entrance Special section
※During exhibition period, an adding up receipt is possible
※I manage the personal information that I took from a customer in each shop which had you apply and do not do the use in the purpose except this matter.
※I change the election with the shipment of the product.


■From Wednesday, March 14 to 19th (Mon)

Ginza Mitsukoshi
I can try various cosmetics

"ギンザメイクアップパーク" which enjoys beauty in makeup. From a popular brand, various Item gathered. Emi Suzuki playing an active part as a model this time produces a floor. Selection of cosmetics not to get snagged on the frame of the brand is possible.

※It is finished daylong at 6:00 p.m.
A venue: 7th floor Exhibition Hall

■March 21 (Wed/holiday) - Tuesday, March 27

I lead and, in commemoration of the Osamu Tezuka birth 90th anniversary, sell 23 creator collaboration products with Osamu Tezuka to (Tue) on (Wed/holiday) - 27th on March 21. I look forward to your coming with various products including Ladies' Clothing, Accessories icing cooky, the stationery together.

A venue: 9th floor terrace / Terrace Court

  • ※Please note that event contents may be changed by convenience.
  • ※The price is all tax-included.
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