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Spring food Festa

It is various and introduces it from Sweets of the pretty flower motif to the side dish using seasonal ingredients.

Ginza Mitsukoshi food floor spring food Festa

●It is Tuesday for 27 days from Wednesday, February 21, 2018 ●Ginza Mitsukoshi B2F, 3rd Basement Floor Ginza Food Garden

  • It is the gorgeous cake which picked up Eddie Boe flower and a strawberry on Fran Boise Mousse which I put vanilla-flavored brulee in.

    <Meiji Memorial Kanomi no Mori>
    one 508 yen
    ■2nd Basement Floor Western Sweets

  • In the jelly of the fluent texture, I performed topping of a strawberry and a flower. Please enjoy the flavor with the article.


    Jelly of a flower and the strawberry

    One 648 yen
    ■2nd Basement Floor Western Sweets

  • Pretty cake of the rose motif which adjusted the creme brulee of the pistachio to Mousse of Fran Boise.

    Ginza Mitsukoshi-limited

    <FREDERICK Cassell>

    One (about diameter 7.5 X 5cm in height, product made in Japan) 778 yen
    ■2nd Basement Floor Western Sweets

  • I baked sticky rice cloth lightly and covered the bite-sized Okaki which modelled cherry blossoms with crystal sugar.

    Ginza Mitsukoshi-limited

    <Osamado Honten> cherry tree granulated sugar
    With 11 pieces [one hundred limit] 324 yen
    ■2nd Basement Floor Japanese Sweets

  • Basic white heron treasure and the gift set of bite-sized upper soft fresh sweets. It features taste mellow easily.

    Ginza Mitsukoshi-limited

    <Kasho Hanami> bloom
    *5 upper soft fresh sweet, white heron treasure *4
    1,620 yen
    ■2nd Basement Floor Ginza Sweets Park

  • It is for a limited time with flavor bagel such as the deep red potato and chocolate, honey with the store specializing in bagel of Okinawa.

    Ginza Mitsukoshi-limited

    <Coco bagel>
    One flower bagel

    (1)Caramel Macchiato [limited in 50 points of every day]
    (2)Deep red potato pastel [every day one hundred limit] for each 350 yen
    ■Second basement Bakery promotion

  • A petal of the domestic peach is blended with the flavor of the fruity white peach indulgently by Darjiling of the refreshing taste.

    Ginza Mitsukoshi-limited

    <Leef Le> peach blossom
    It is 2,160 yen (25 g, Darjiling: India product)
    ■2nd Basement Floor GINZA tea

  • The rose which performed preservation in sugar is good to iced tea and champagne, topping of the cake.

    Ginza Mitsukoshi precedent sale

    <LADUREE> ローズクリスタリゼ
    (130 g, product made in France)
    [per person two points limit, one hundred limit] 2,376 yen
    ■2nd floor LADUREE

  • I spread plump stewed conger eel and served seasonal ingredients materials colorfully.

    <I open Ginza>
    Fortune hotchpotch chirashi-sushi
    one 2,160 yen of the soft and full stewed conger eel

  • A noted product of Ginza that is crunchy & ジューシィ which wore secret sauce having been continued since 1932.

    <Mikasa society building>
    Taste bone-in fried chicken
    one (with five) 1,101 yen of the Mikasa society building tradition

  • One article of the resistance to the teeth preeminence that the craftsman of the store specializing in pickpocket bodies of the Tsukiji hall finished carefully one by one.

    <tiger honor> Tsukiji deep frying
    Burdock, lotus root, asparagu bacon, sea foods, prawns onion for each 401 yen

  • The monaka which has a cute package with crushed bean jam using the Hokkaido adzuki bean and smooth Turkish paste.

    Tokyo <Akemi confectionery>
    Streetcar monaka

    1,492 yen with ten
    ■2nd Basement Floor Kayuan

  • Assorted good-quality chocolate utilized the flavor of the material. It is Ginza Mitsukoshi first appearance.

    Ginza Mitsukoshi-limited

    Hyogo <Yasuhiro Senoh>
    Assortment box

    Eight 2,310 yen
    ■2nd Basement Floor GINZA chocolate

  • In a container of the Arita ware making springlike in the foods boiled in soy Furikake condiment for rice which is full of flavors using the mountain seafood.

    Ginza Mitsukoshi-limited

    A particularly "dance butterfly" with limited item Arita ware making container

    120 g [20 points of limits] of 1,890 yen
    ■2nd Basement Floor Kinshobai

  • ※The price is all tax-included.
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