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Crop ... of MINORI MINORU MARCHE - Shimane


Crop ... of ... Shimane

Saturday, May 26, 2018 from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Ginza Terrace on the 9th floor

"I hold an MINORI MINORU MARCHE "crop of Shimane" on Saturday, May 26. In the JA Shimane west いわみ district that is this holding JA, it is from Masuda-shi, Tsuwano-cho, the 1 city and 2 towns of Yoshika-cho located in West Shimane, and, in the east, in Hiroshima, the west, the north faces the Sea of Japan close to Yamaguchi. Water sources such as the famous Takatsu River are in the JA Shimane west いわみ district as a clear stream eminent Japan, and the wasabi which used a clear stream is particularly famous, and cultivation of facilities vegetables and grape such as the tomato is prosperous on paddy-rice, citron, the level ground in the middle mountains. In this Marche, house grape "Delaware" where a sugar content gets on most in this season was brought up in a clear stream, and I ship it directly, and "wasabi" sells the seasonal farm products of the JA Shimane west Iwami district including strawberry "rouge cheeks" and many divergences fig to Ginza while local producer and JA person in charge TAC (※ 1) introduce delicious how to eat. Please arrive!

※1 TAC (Team for Agricultural Coordination): The agriculture coordinates team which JA and the JA National Peasant Union of each places of the whole country organize. Approximately 1,800 people visit approximately 90,000 leading figure farmhouses, corporations routinely and meet an opinion, a request.

※The handling product may be changed.

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