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TOP > It is souvenir ... a hand of Kyoto that I am chilly and am graceful, and color Kyoto - Atsuko Tanaka chooses in the summer in the summer on purpose

It is souvenir ... a hand of Kyoto that I am chilly and am graceful, and color Kyoto - Atsuko Tanaka chooses in the summer in the summer on purpose

It is a souvenir a hand of Kyoto that I am chilly and am graceful, and color Kyoto Atsuko Tanaka chooses in the summer in the summer on purpose ■It is Tuesday for 24 days from Wednesday, July 11, 2018 ■7th floor GINZA stage

The stream bed of the blue on the right side and foliage brown on the other side of the old temple and your ship, stone pavement made sprinkling water on paper, Gion musical accompaniment. The scenery looks cool in a heart to eyes in summer of Kyoto. Articles coloring a summer living are selected by handwork of beautiful Kyoto that the history and climate brought up. Please come to a present again to be dressed in the room.

Atsuko Tanaka profile
Mainly on industrial arts, kimono, Japanese culture, I am active as a good painter, a bearer.
I am concerned with foundation of a periodical of magazine "和樂" (Shogakukan) and foundation of a periodical of "seven cords" (PRESIDENT) and the supervision.
In a book "kimono oneself style - stylish yet practical clothes - guide" (Shogakukan),
"Certain hand on purpose excellent design of craftsmen in succession to the best of Edo together with a chisel." (Kodansha),
"Dyeing technique with the textile design that printed cotton is beautiful" (truth sentence temple Shinko Corporation) others.
In a trip, work, escapism, it is 通 うこと ン decade in Kyoto. Therugist of just deep Kyoto.


It is more than 200 years, traditional technique by the natural dye in Kyoto,
The studio which revivifies a Japanese old color in now.
Yukio Yoshioka of the present head of a household is an expert of the history of dyeing and weaving for the fifth generation.
In late years Sarasa of the third daughter plays an active part as the sixth generation.
For the clothing and a living summer for the color sense that the four seasons of Kyoto brought up.

※The image is image.

Bamboo work art Kohchosai Kosuga KOHCHOSAI KOUGA

The bamboo which supported Japanese living and culture from building materials to an art industrial art object.
The Kohchosai Kosuga presents Item that assumed bamboo material in a large field of vision,
I continue suggesting the design appropriate for the present living.
A lineup cool mainly on work of the delicate bamboo.

Kyoto lacquerware Kei Nishimura success lacquerware studio NISHIMURA KEIKOU SHIKKI KOBO

The studio of the painter lasting 100 years in Kyoto.
Continue dealing with a tea service set mainly, a brand of the Yoko Nishimura supervision,
In sky cloud tenun, it depends on the surface finish which held the luster called the charcoal grind in check
I suggest modern tableware. On a dining table summer with deep black beauty.

Glass Satoshi Sugie SATOSHI SUGIE

A certain fluctuation clear glass of Sugie,
Hide the refreshing feel of a mountain stream and the mountain stream,
I put water and float green maple leaves and want to only look.
With the technique that I learned from the both sides of the industrial glass and studio glass
Pursuit to transparency of the glass supports the beauty.

Do the stationery quantity mountain temple; this SUUZANDO HASHIMOTO

From a shop of the stationery which I wrote it and made handwork including a letter and the xylograph on,
Letter paper and postcard with the seasonal scenery as motif,
I select sweet-smelling Ayano incense.
If even if a letter has no confidence, it is a greeting with the stationery born in such Kyoto,
True heart and graciousness come.

Kyoto ceramic ware, Kiyomizu ware Daiki Kosaka DAIKI KOSAKA

The dyed pattern that painting of the indigo blue is refreshing speaking of a summer container.
It is a constant seller of a Kyoto cuisine person.
By the young structure hand that Kosaka deals with a container harking back to old dyeing of China,
The orthodox school which searches the strokes of the pen of soil taste and the picture.
It is a sense of fun slightly there. I see it and use it and am fun.

Japanese towel Eiraku shop EIRAKUYA

The Japanese towel which I made use of the technique of the model yuzen and finished dyeing,
The perfect gem which settled a season of ancient city Kyoto on one piece of cloth.
As founding 400 years, a Japanese oldest cotton dealer the making of cloth and a dyeing process,
While letting an eye spread out up to finish,
I widen the possibility of the Japanese towel.

Information for Atsuko Tanaka talk show "pleasure of Kyoto, hand わざ of Kyoto"

■Exhibition period: Saturday, July 14
■A place: 7th floor GINZA stage
■Time: 2:00 p.m. ... (approximately 30 minutes)

Kyoto that shows the attractive scenery seasonally. A secret of the beauty of the refined industrial art object which the fun charm and ancient city brought up even if I visited for many years. I introduce it with the articles which selected this and that to feel if I continue going.

■Branch brand (the order of the kana syllabary)
阿以波, Eiraku shop, Emura store, civilization temple, Kohchosai Kosuga, Daiki Kosaka, 晋六窯,
Do the quantity mountain temple; book, Ayaha Sugawara, Satoshi Sugie, Akiko Sugie, 染司 よしおか, TAKAOKAYA, Shinichi Takashima,
Dream of 佃眞吾, Nakamura candle, 長艸繍巧房, Kei Nishimura success japanner bunch - sky cloud -; 屋

※Please note that event contents may be changed by convenience.

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