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Event of the 90th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka

It is (C)Tezuka Productions llustration by dalazdaakaa from anniversary 90th OSAMU TEZUKA X IROMONOMARKET in GINZA MITSUKOSHI Wednesday, March 21 to 27th Tuesday

It is Ginza Terrace on the 9th floor / Terrace Court from March 21, 2018 (Wednesday Sundays and holidays) to 27th Tuesday

In commemoration of the Osamu Tezuka birth 90th anniversary to March 21 (Wed/holiday) - 27th (Tue),
I lead and sell Tezuka characters and 23 creator collaboration products.
With various products including Ladies' Clothing, Accessories icing cooky, the stationery together
I look forward to your coming.

Jenny kaori

It is logo T-shirt & tote bag which dropped a logo of "PrincessKnight" which is the British title of "the knight of Ribbon" into the high coloring of the trendy nature in main.
All people having you wear it want you to become the attractive person who had two aspects of the bravery when gorgeous such as the sapphire. I put such thought for design and the illustration of the tag.

Designer comment

Of the 90th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka work; congratulations.
I have thought in being able to be engaged in the work which I got used to, great honor since childhood.
I think that of course Osamu Tezuka work can lead to the new layer to touch to a person knowing the work from now on.


Girls loving a pleasant thing, an interesting thing gather, and the specific place is the event which I hold in not being set without deciding it. In iromonomarket, I sell a collaboration product and the original product with the creator production &.

Designer comment

Of the 90th anniversary of the Osamu Tezuka birth; congratulations!
I do collaboration this time and feel very honored.
I am glad when you can pick up Osamu Tezuka collaboration product toward various layers.

城咲 London

An illustrator. I draw pretty, unsteady girls such as Dollet.

Designer comment

Of the 90th anniversary of Osamu Tezuka; congratulations. A heart has been shaken in various works in Tezuka work every day. I was very glad to be able to be engaged as a painter at such an opportunity.

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