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Floor Guide 3rd Basement Floor

As for the details, please see PDF (2017. 11.22 revised edition)


  • Food


    I send the latest information of the food floor.

  • GINZA Fruit

    GINZA Fruit

    The GINZA Fruit "a Fruit shop such as the Flower Shop."

  • La Cave (wine, Liquor, Wine)

    La Cave (wine, Liquor, Wine)

    To have you enjoy liquor at a usual dining table more. In "La Cave," I have approximately 500 kinds of regular wine and Shochu, sake, beer approximately 250 kinds. Full in the daily use wine that the wine is reasonable.

  • International & Designer Jewelry

    Fresh Marche (perishables)

    It is "market" of the new style that a flower blooms to the talkative person. In the perishables corner having a lot of fresh vegetables, meat, fresh fish, dried-salted fish, I value the communication which can talk with a customer directly.


  • Escalator
  • Rest space
  • Elevator
  • Refrigerated coin locker
  • Stairway
  • Telephone
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