• 银 seat Mitsukoshi
  • 〒104-8212东 Chuo-ku, Kyoto 银 seat 4-6-16 TEL 03-3562-1111
营业时间/ 上午 10时30 share - 下午 8时

您 承 诺 一流商品与至尊服 务 for history of 历 name street 银 座之 华 beauty place 标
银 座是 东 京最著名的旅游景点之一, 外国游客 络绎 non-绝. 银 座三越素以 "product of 为 world 宾 visitor offer most Shincho" 为 oneself job, 在款待外国游客方面也同 样 one 丝 不苟. 驻 existence being well informed British 语 或中文 where clothes 务 stand of quotient 场 original 门边 is the way it goes, person from 导购 员 of 韩语, 竭 诚为顾 客答疑解惑, exemption 语 言不通的后 顾 之 忧. The quotient 场B1层设 顾 visitor clothes 务 center out of Arumi. 外国游客不 仅 可以当 场办 law of nature TAX REFUND hand 续, 还 可以 币 out of 兑换, 并 获 取 东 京旅游的各 种实 用信息. It is 欢乐 与 惊 joy of Toru 畅 游 东 Kyoto the 另 outside, 在店内各个楼 层 都可以享受免 费Wi-Fi, the 亲 friend of the 方便外国游客和 远 living-in-own country immediately for 时. Of 银 座三越堪称 "优 Miyabi 银 seat" 与 "时 still 东 Kyoto" assumed name 词. First-class product of the 您 将在 这 village 领 abbreviation Japan most Tomori name, enjoyment supremacy clothes 务, 亲 body 验 staying in Japan book 购 物的无上愉悦.



东 Kyoto Metro place 铁银 seat 线, Marunouchi 线, Hibiya 线 "银 座站"

东 Kyoto Metro place 铁 existence 乐 town 线 "银 座一丁目站" (9 size Exit) walk five minutes 钟

Capital 营 Asakusa 线, 东 Kyoto Metro place 铁 Hibiya 线 "东银 座站" 银 座站方向地下通道歩行 two minutes 钟

JR "existence 乐 町站" (Central Exit, 银 seat Exit) walk nine minutes 钟

History of 历 living-in-associate 备

楼 层 instruction

Article tile eyes 录 living-in-associate 备


免 稅

免 稅
The 1 tower = foreign countries 顾 visitor clothes 务 center under the ground

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Meeting 员,发 line 贵宾卡 (use of foreign 顾 客于日本国内 购 thing) of 为 持三越伊 势 丹海外会 员卡
The 1 tower = foreign countries 顾 visitor clothes 务 center under the ground



馆 internal use 务

Clothes 务 Ground board Existence 关 clothes 务
Own 币兑换 desk out of 动 1层 under the ground Support 货币: The beautiful cause, the Europe cause, British 镑, 瑞士法郎, 加元, 澳元, people 币, 台 币, an origin of port, 韩币, Thailand 铢, the new cause.
※Day 币 impossible 币 out of 兑换
免 费Wi-Fi (以 访 day foreigner 为对 elephant) All 馆 可以使用 领 area: All 馆
翻 译/导购 clothes 务 各楼 层 如未提前 预约, 有可能会无法提供此 项 clothes 务.
轻 pine 购 thing 各楼 层 为 便于 您轻 pine enjoyment 购 material 乐 flavor, 购 thing 时 in living-in-quotient 场, possible 暂时 寄存所 购 product. 购 thing 结 bunch Empress, 您 只需前往指定地点, 一并 领 取即可.
Throw 币 type 储 thing 柜 12层 免 费储 thing 柜 (use Empress hard 币 返回)
遗 lost article 认领 1层 under the ground 丢 失物品可在 遗 失物招 领柜 stand 认领
婴 儿 车 and 轮 椅免 费贷 appearance 1层, 1层 under the ground Quotient 场 offer 婴 儿 车 and 轮 椅免 费贷 appearance clothes 务, use of 敬 请.
酒店送 货 1层 under the ground It is 购买 的商品直接送至酒店 in quotient 场 提供送 货 on 门 clothes 务, the day of 可将 您. (仅 限 东 Kyoto district part 签约 liquor shop)
海外送 货 1层 under the ground Mere 对 Main Store place 购 product offer foreign countries 发货 clothes 务. (收 费)
※Possible 发 送的商品 / possible 发 送的国家·地区部分受限.

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