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Service guide: Remake / maintenance

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Jewelry Repair Remake order Mezzanine 2nd Floor is charged

■Mezzanine 2nd Floor
A jewelry designer makes only Jewelry in the world. I repair size of the Jewelry and accept design Remake.

Clothing Alteration Counter 3rd floor charged

■3rd floor
I accept size adjustment of the Ladies' Clothing which had you purchase it and rectification.

Mode-fitting Salon [Atelier longhouse] 4th floor charged

■4th floor
I accept the making of clothes which were correct to a customer from revision, rectification, custom tailoring to have you are not seized with the times and age and wear the clothes which you liked to production, revision of the chairwalker fashion.

Interior design service 7F charged

■7th floor
I repair Interior coordinates, repair, maintenance, finish of the Furniture and heard consultation of the Remake whole of the house.


Shoes & bag repair 2nd floor charged

■2nd floor (Women's Shoes)
Professional staff having a speedy and high technique accepts consultation until cleaning and a remake as well as repair.

Care for kimono section 7F charged

■7th floor (サロンド kimono)
I accept cleaning, stain removal of the kimono, dimensions rectification.

Watch & clock clinic Mezzanine 2nd Floor charged

■Mezzanine 2nd Floor
I accept battery exchange, adjustment of the band, the repair such as overhauls and customized service of the Belts.

Shoes & bag repair 5th floor charged

■5th floor (Men's shoes)
Professional staff accepts a full service about the leather from repair to leather care, re-color.

Shoeshine 5th floor charged

■5th floor (GINZA gentlemen lounge)

Barber (male hairdressing) [Reservation required] 5th floor Reservation required charged

■5th floor (GINZA gentlemen lounge)
I offer the MENU which is indispensable to the appearance of the man.

Menswear Remake repair [Reservation required] 5th floor Reservation required charged

■5th floor (GINZA dress-up salon)
I accept Menswear of 持込 until a Remake remake other than basic size rectification.

Laundry B1F charged

■1st Basement Floor
I heard the royal KUSTOM crystal cleaning of Ladies' Clothing, the Menswear in "Hakuyosha".

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