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※By circumstances of the diversity, I may change exhibition period.
In addition, I may not offer some publication products. of the parking spot.

NEWS news

  • Demonstration made with marmalade by Yuka Uesugi

    Demonstration made with marmalade by Yuka Uesugi

    A demonstration made with marmalade by 2017, 2018 and Yuka Uesugi who won "international marmalade Award" gold medal for 2 consecutive years. On the day I sell the jam of <seasonal jam and daily snacks コサクウ> which Yuka Uesugi deals with in a venue on a qualified scale.
    ■Sunday, December 16 daily limitation
    ■Time / 1:00 p.m. ..., capacity /20 name, entrance fee for free
    ■8th floor Exhibition Hall (the British fair venue)
    ■Possible a reservation (082-242-3255 Tochigi, Morikawa, commission)

  • <Grand Seiko> Fair

    <Grand Seiko> Fair

    I introduce approximately 120 points to a cathedral from New Item to a constant seller. Commencing with special display to look back on the history of the Grand Seiko, please sense a view of the world of <Grand Seiko> which Japan is proud of bodily.
    ■Tuesday, December 11 -17th (Mon)
    ■1F event space
    [spring drive assembling demonstration by the certified technician]
    <artisan studio in Shinshu> You can see a part of prominent assembling skill of certified technician, Takuya Nishinaka of this.
    □Saturday, December 15 1:00 p.m. ..., 3:00 p.m. ... (each time around 30 minutes)

  • Morris and LIBERTY exhibition to make a heart excited

    Morris and LIBERTY exhibition to make a heart excited

    I introduce an Interior tea box, a bag and an accessory, the Accessories using William Morris and the LIBERTY fabric by the writer of Hiroshima.
    [Featured Artists] <Rinje> Fumiyo Kawaguchi, <Atelier CUBE> Kanae Fujisaki, <atelier family> Ayako Otao, <Chiku Taku> Keiko Harada, <Cotoneria> Saori Yamaguchi
    ■Tuesday, December 11 -17th (Mon)
    ■7th floor promotion space, 7th floor stage

  • <HUNTER (Huntsman)> Fair

    <HUNTER (Huntsman)> Fair

    The British well-established brand which the name is known to for rain boots. Let alone waterproof function by the natural rubber, bright coloring only by <HUNTER> and the stylish design please the coordinates on a rainy day without spoiling fashionability. As well as rain boots, I had a lot of goods such as a wear or the bag.
    ■Wednesday, December 5 -16th (Sun)
    ■5th floor Men's shoes floor

  • <タマキニイメ> Shawl and wear exhibition

    <タマキニイメ> Shawl and wear exhibition

    The Banshu texture which <タマキニイメ> weaves freely in Nishiwaki-shi, Hyogo. I introduce the feel that I did softly, shawl and the wear of the colorful color.
    ■Tuesday, December 4 -10th (Mon)
    ■1F event space

  • <Granma mom daughter> Fair

    <Granma mom daughter> Fair

    To from "a grandmother to mother and a daughter. I introduce a New Item product and a Swedish textile brand <クリッパン> to a concept with clothes inherited with a memory in winter the autumn of 2018.
    ■Tuesday, December 4 -10th (Mon)
    ■1F event space

  • <BETONES> <TOOT> <happy socks> Christmas fair

    <BETONES> <TOOT> <happy socks> Christmas fair

    The brand which is popular in POPUP for a limited time in a cathedral. I had the Men's Underwear which was recommended to a Christmas present. The print for a limited time comes up, too.
    ■Tuesday, December 4 -10th (Mon)
    ■5th floor stage

    [<TOOT> original pants order fair]
    I hold cloth for body or gusset and order fair to be able to choose a color only in three days.
    □Friday, December 7 -9th (Sun)
    □5th floor stage

  • Treasure Trove - treasure hunt ...

    Treasure Trove - treasure hunt ...

    I do glass Accessories <and the color pattern that Misao Hatanaka deals with, and I build up a work in a technique of the metal engraving to material <the sea eyebrows>, and, other than>, the marquetry ware <the tree comfort main office> utilized the hue of nature of the world choice wood exhibits Shell. I introduce the Accessories which is the art that the feelings of the builder are felt to one one work for a limited time.
    ■Tuesday, December 4 -10th (Mon)
    ■6th floor Special section

  • GOLD CALENDAR 2019 Now in store

    GOLD CALENDAR 2019 Now in store

    It is releasing a gold calendar with a sexagenary cycle "wild boar" of 2019 as motif. The pattern offers Aomori paper (亥), calligraphy, flower ごよみの four types in total other than the Seven Deities of Good Luck. It is recommended to the year-end and New Year greetings and gift.
    One piece of 6,480 yen (pure gold 0.5 g in weight)
    ■4th floor jewels and ornaments salon

  • <tailor of Stella> Information for event, classroom

    <tailor of Stella> Information for event, classroom

    <tailor of Stella> Then I hold various events every week in rotation. As there is the workshop, I look forward to your participation.
    The schedule of the event from this>>

    ■7th floor <tailor of Stella>

  • Mitsukoshi rice party-style sale

    Mitsukoshi rice party-style sale

    Mitsukoshi selects carefully by a characteristic brand from the limited production center said to be delicious in excellence production centers of the whole country and sends rice having just finished polishing rice every month.
    From Click here for details>>
    ■Contact Free corduroy 0120-3254-40
    *To a person in charge of rice party-style sale (おこめはんぷかい) telephone order
    *Time in / from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their Mitsukoshi, Isetan

    Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their Mitsukoshi, Isetan

    I give Mitsukoshi, employee of Isetan and I say with "there is the person who is going to do shopping using Cards of the customer" and telephone it and say with "I let you contact me from the bank association as Cards of the customer may be used illegally" more and get the banker of the customer, an account number, a password persuasively, and fraud to visit the home, and to keep bank cards occurs frequently.
    It is Caution (Please be careful…) not to make any telephone and certainly telling the account information such as passwords even if I have a visit, and handing a bank card from our employee or person giving Japanese Bankers Association enough.
    An emergency, such a telephone if have a visit, notification would appreciate your talking with the nearest police station immediately.

  • I came to be able to change Energia point at the MI point.

    I came to be able to change Energia point at the MI point.

    Service to change for "the MI point" that MI CARD issued "the Energia points" of Chugoku Electric Power began. I carry out a point double campaign until Monday, December 31.
    For more information:
    ■Monday, September 3 start

  • Information for Hiroshima Mitsukoshi bridal club

    Information for Hiroshima Mitsukoshi bridal club

    Please enroll in "Hiroshima Mitsukoshi bridal club" if you decided marriage. I issue "Mitsukoshi bridal Passport" in the one that had you enroll. You can receive various privileges.
    ■The person who decided marriage within enrollment qualification /1 year
    ■It is one year after the wedding from the day of / application for validity
    ■I extend the target product in main privilege / shop free for courtesy rate + Cards discount, Parking four hours and serve it
    ■Enrollment fee / for free
    ■Enrollment application, inquiry /7 floor Gift Salon

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