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790-8532 3-1-1, Ichibancho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime
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※By circumstances of the diversity, I may change exhibition period.
In addition, I may not offer some publication products. of the parking spot.

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    I give it to damaged all of you caused by this heavy rain heartily.
    I pray that I can regain the days when all of you of all stricken areas are peaceful and, as Mitsukoshi Isetan group, will match power for speedy revival.

  • Apology to a customer

    Apology to a customer

    I get up in a part, and, under the influence of a heavy rain, a change may cancel it at business and scheduled event, time.
    In addition, the delay of the delivery service occurs nationwide. You want and may not attach it. Very I apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand it to a customer.

  • Matsuyama Mitsukoshi basement food building - today is ... on any day

    Matsuyama Mitsukoshi basement food building - today is ... on any day

    ★★★The July "calendar of the meal"★★★
    Of Matsuyama Mitsukoshi is delicious! I introduce this.

    From Click here for details>>

  • I began Matsuyama Mitsukoshi store application!

    I began Matsuyama Mitsukoshi store application!

    It is news by a notice of push with real information or an advantageous coupon.
    For happily more convenience more by shopping application shopping!
    I can receive the limited information and coupon of the store by a favorite store choice.
    In addition, Mitsukoshi, the Isetan online store is available from this, too.

    We register "Matsuyama Mitsukoshi" with a favorite store, and let's get bargain information and event information♪♪

    About application>>
    The QR cord from this>>
    I am downloaded by App Store → Search by "Mitsukoshi STORE application"!
    I am downloaded by Google Play → Search by "Mitsukoshi STORE application"!

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