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4.11 ACCESSORY REFRESH OPEN Main Building 1F Accessories has it by the brightness that is Fresh.


4.11wed. -5.8tue.  Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main Building 1F Cosmetics & Accessories


Editing corner of the Jewelry sending sensitivity of the culture X present age in Japan
"The Japanese Jewelry" which fused by traditional culture in Japan attracts attention of Jewelry of the origin the West. "The bijoux dot Jay P" caught the tide of such times and was born.

<Lotus Development Corporation Jewel>
A designer: Yuka Imonawa
It is characterized by Jewelry having both generosity and the richness utilized the curviness.

<Tomoko Kodera>
A designer: Tomoko Kodera
I snuggle up to the line of the body, and the design which is elegant in space and sounding nature is attractive.

<Lotus Development Corporation Jewel>
(1)Pierced earrings (Pt, jade pink sapphire diamond)
778,680 yen [one point of limit]
(2)Necklace (Pt, jade pink sapphire diamond)
1,034,640 yen [one point of limit]

<Tomoko Kodera>
(3)Pierced earrings (K18WG, diamond) 648,000 yen
(4)Ring (Pt, diamond) 993,600 yen
★I give original Jewelry cloth to the first 30 people who had you purchase a product of <Tomoko Kodera> at store.


Brand lineup

The Jewelry brand of the Japan maid that it was established to motto by Akemi Fukuoji that "I continued describing it in pursuit of innocent beauty fleetingly."

(1)Necklace (K18YG, diamond) 82,080 yen
(2)Necklace (Pt, diamond) 178,200 yen
(3)Necklace (K18WG, diamond) 248,400 yen
(4)Bracelet (K18YG, diamond) 226,800 yen
(5)Bracelet (K18WG, diamond) 205,200 yen
(6)Bracelet (K18YG, diamond) 237,600 yen
★I give an original mirror to the first 20 people who had you purchase a product of <AHKAH> 54,000 yen or more at store.

(1)Pierced earrings (K18WG, genuine stone) 138,240 yen ※Single
(2)Ring (K18WG, genuine stone) 756,000 yen [Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store-limited]
(3)Necklace (K18WG, genuine stone) 415,800 yen
(4)Pierced earrings (K18WG, genuine stone) 213,840 yen ※Single
(5)Pierced earrings (K18WG, genuine stone) 199,800 yen ※Single
(6)Pierced earrings (K18WG, genuine stone) 199,800 yen ※Single
※All [production amount-limited]
※I accept it after limited number sale in order. For more details, ask it to a person in charge.

In 1907 a costume Jewelry brand <Grosse> of the founding. The splendid, artistic creation that adopted the manufacturing method used for fine Jewelry is named "museum quality" and is popular by design and height of the quality.

(1)Pierced earrings (alloy, glass) 30,240 yen
(2)Necklace (alloy, glass) 77,760 yen
(3)Pierced earrings (alloy) 21,600 yen
(4)Necklace (alloy, glass) 64,800 yen
★I give original portable Jewelry pouch to the first 20 people who had you purchase a product of <Grosse> 32,400 yen or more at store.


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store special Item

Brightness special only then.
In commemoration of refresh open of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Accessories floor, a special item reached it from each brand.
In addition to a precious limited item not to be able to see in the others, I offer the precedent sale product that you can see New Item quickly.
This opportunity without passing over.

<Ponte Vecchio> (for a limited number)
The pink brightness that I made 贅 for.

The Pierced earrings which attached the ring which treated colorful sapphire luxuriously and white butterfly pearl to the leading role with teardrop-shaped pink tourmaline. For special Item, it is offering it with a piece of thing.

(1)Ring (K18YG, pink tourmaline sapphire diamond) 786,240 yen
(2)Pierced earrings (K18YG, white butterfly pearl pink sapphire diamond) 478,440 yen
※All [one point of limit] [Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store-limited]

<Georg Jensen> (for a limited number)
Classical music causing season is modern.

The necklace of the limited item which did the design of the are nouveau era that large-sized quartz was impressive in motif. You can enjoy it in chain of two ways of length to scene.

(1)Necklace (SV, quartz) 108,000 yen
(2)Necklace (SV, quartz) 108,000 yen
※It is all with two chain
※All [production amount-limited] [Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store-limited]

<veretta8va> (precedence, limitation)
A color and brightness to color spring/summer.

I offer the gorgeous limited item which surrounded bright bright turquoise with ruby and emerald. I send the series of the opal by New Item of the spring/summer, precedent sale.

(1)Necklace (K18YG, genuine stone)
302,400 yen [Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store-limited]
(2)Necklace (K18YG, genuine stone)
345,600 yen [production amount-limited] [Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store precedent release]
(3)Ring (K18YG, genuine stone)
302,400 yen [Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store-limited]

<マダマ> (for a limited number)
Elegant multicolored pearl.

I offer "chain Collection" which I tied small pearl oyster pearl of the multicolored to with a limited item. Harmony with various color taste only by the pearl which I made use of a hue of nature in and the gorgeous brightness of the gold is attractive.

(1)Bracelet (K18YG, pearl oyster pearl) 49,680 yen
(2)Pierced earrings (K18YG, pearl oyster pearl) 49,680 yen
(3)Necklace (K18YG, pearl oyster pearl diamond) 183,600 yen
※Combination price
※All [production amount-limited] [Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store-limited]

  • ※Please note that event contents may be changed by convenience.
  • ※The price is all tax-included.

[inquiry] Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main Building 1F Accessories TEL 03-3241-3311 (main switchboard)

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