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BVLGARI "デザインユアラブ" Bridal Fair

It is main building 1F BVLGARI boutique on March 21 (Wednesday Sundays and holidays) from Saturday, February 17, 2018

It is the place that is the most romantic in the world,
"Eternal City" which always became the source of the creativity of the BVLGARI again Rome.
In Rome where an ancient palace and mysterious remains are left everywhere,
Many love stories are handed down.
The story of all love begins as the special story that should be blessed,
The ring collection of BVLGARI assumes a story of the love to be able to glisten everlasting existence.
Diamond is elegant in the nicety which accentuated
I have a marriage ring of the New Item.
Please see it by all means at this opportunity.

■Reservations, inquiry TEL. 03-3273-5810

I set the diamond which had the design of the bridal ring of the BVLGARI choose it,
I accept semi-order service "デザインユアラブ" in BVLGARI shops of the whole country.
Ask the staff about the details at a store.


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