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Art of Mitsukoshi


... which I introduce the recommended exhibition which Mitsukoshi art selection - stylist chose to

The Kotobuki memory Shinsaku Hamada ceramic works exhibition that the 48th is a graduate

■From Wednesday, June 6 to 11th (Mon) (closed at 5:00 p.m. on the last day)
■Main building 6F art choice art gallery

  • A lot of teacups
    Earthenware diameter 7.3 - 7.8 X 7.8-8.4cm in height
    For each 37,800 yen

  • Persimmon glaze red glazing plate
    Earthenware diameter 34.7 X 6cm in height
    For each 486,000 yen

Break a back of great father

Shinsaku Hamada introducing an exhibition this time is a child of late Shoji Hamada of the holder of an important intangible cultural property who promoted people art campaign with late Muneyoshi Yanagi.
Shoji Hamada expresses his sentiment of own career during the lifetime saying "I find a way in Kyoto and begin in the U.K. and learn in Okinawa and was brought up in Mashiko". It was exactly like that and jumped out of Tokyo where Tokyo High School was born and raised after the institute of technology (existing: Tokyo Institute of Technology) graduation in the times when the early days of the Showa era and the convenience to transportation and information speed did not have speed like now in the Taisho era and went to visit it because the country got knowledge and the experience that were necessary for ceramic art production to embody by "the beauty that came from life" that oneself pursued abroad from the start and sometimes long-term lasted and seemed to stay. It is Mashiko, Tochigi that such Shoji was rooted again as a place of the life as a place of the production.
Shinsaku who moved to Mashiko from Tokyo in one year after birth. I acquire ascetic practices by a kiln of father after having learned art in Waseda University. The instruction of the parent whom wish うからこその is strict with for the happiness of the child just like most parent and child. Shinsaku was able to build the carrier as the writer as one writer not "a son" steadily simply because there was the instruction.
In a work of Hamada, such a story is felt.
The work that the bond of a parent and the child is felt is good on Father's Day.
Come to the venue to look for the work which seemed to project your bond by all means.

Main building 6F art floor
Telephone 03-3241-3311 (main switchboard)

※By the display (monitor) of the PC, please note that you may be different from the color of the real work.

※About the work, I heard the Reservations the exhibition period ago. The work which I published on the first day of the exhibition already has a case of the making a promise. Excuse me, but thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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