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  • Prize a total of 2 million yen! "Large lottery of the midsummer" holding

    Prize a total of 2 million yen! "Large lottery of the midsummer" holding

    "A large lottery of the midsummer" where 2,000 people win Mitsukoshi Gift Certificates 1,000 yen by lot

    During a period, you can participate in a lottery every 30,000 yen (possible adding up) including a purchase receipt tax.
    ※I am not intended for the meeting savings receipt of money, Yamato-ya bookstore of the purchase, the friend of various gift coupons, Hakuyosha, big mom Double tall Cafe, parking charges Gift Certificates.

    Furthermore, even Mitsukoshi store application downloading can participate in a lottery by the new enrollment of the MI CARD once once.
    ※Please show a downloading screen in a lottery venue.

    By all means this opportunity without passing over!

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, July 18 to 22nd (Sun)
    ■A lottery venue: The main building 7F Escalator side (in front of Gallery) and each small shop

  • I began Instagram!

    I began Instagram!

    I release Sendai Mitsukoshi official Instagram from Wednesday, June 13♪
    I post it in real time including recommended Item and event.
    I would like follow by all means.
    From this>>

  • MI CARD summer new enrollment campaign

    MI CARD summer new enrollment campaign

    It does not leak toward the new enrollment at the store during the period
    I give a coupon of the buying for 1,000 yen to be available from the day given.

    Please examine the enrollment at this opportunity.

    ※The coupon is available only at an enrollment store.
    ※When the totals of one buying are more than 1,000 yen (tax-included), it is available.
    ※There is an item not to be available partly.
    ※I can use it together with meeting Cards of MI CARD (temporary Cards), giving the stockholders preferential treatment Cards, the friend.

    ■Exhibition period: Until Tuesday, July 31
    ■A venue: Sendai Mitsukoshi all the buildings and small shop

  • <TEGTEG (Taegu Taegu)> a fair for a limited time

    <TEGTEG (Taegu Taegu)> a fair for a limited time

    The kids' wear label which DJ DARUMA and TOKO couple deal with.
    It is an up-and-coming brand expressing a world trend in pop.

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, July 25 to Tuesday, August 7
    ■A venue: 定禅寺通 り building 3rd floor baby Children's Wear re-style kids
    ■Contact information (022)-221-2570

  • [baby, Children's Wear] Summer vacation workshop

    [baby, Children's Wear] Summer vacation workshop

    I hold a workshop during a period in summer vacation.
    Please participate!

    ☆"The icing cooky classroom" which can decorate cooky like summer
    ■Exhibition period: Saturday, July 21, 22nd (Sun)
    ●A participation fee: 1,296 yen (tax-included)

    ☆"ポーセラーツ lesson" to put a seal, and to be able to make original earthenware only for oneself
    ■Exhibition period: Saturday, July 28
    ●A participation fee: Lunch plate 2,700 yen (tax-included), bowl 1,944 yen (tax-included)

    ■Time (every day): From 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    ※It is finished as soon as each classroom, material disappears.

    ■A venue: 定禅寺通 り building 3rd floor baby, Children's Wear Special section
    ■A reservation, a reference: (022)-221-8330 (directly) charge: Itagaki

  • Oliver gal art POP UP SHOP

    Oliver gal art POP UP SHOP

    A stylish girl must see it!
    Pop art work of "the Oliver gal art" that became popular with an overseas drama at a bound.
    Hold a private exhibition around NY, an art work very much up-and-coming in the United States, Europe of the last year. It is finished handmade Collection on elegance and a magnificent scale not to be affected.

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, July 11 to 24th (Tue)
    ■A venue: Open space of the 定禅寺通 り building 1st floor light



    I show around the latest collection of arch & line.
    Everybody, please drop in.

    ■Exhibition period: From Wednesday, July 18
    ■A venue: 定禅寺通 り building 3rd floor baby Children's Wear re-style kids
    ■Contact information (022)-221-2570

  • Mitsukoshi yukata Collection

    Mitsukoshi yukata Collection

    I suggest it by a yukata and an accessory, total to be able to enjoy depending on various scene casually.
    In addition, I hold the event during the period.

    ●World exhibition from Wednesday, July 18 to 24th (Tue) of the Akira Sato dyeing picture
    ●Paulownia clogs feature from Wednesday, July 25 to Wednesday, August 8 of Kurosawa paulownia materials shop Aizu

    ■Exhibition period: Until Wednesday, August 8 ※The last day until 5:00 p.m.
    ■A venue: Main building 6F event space

  • Tray lantern acceptance fair

    Tray lantern acceptance fair

    I generally say periods from August 13 to 16th by an important event that the tray invites an ancestral apparition of a living person and holds a service for.
    The Bon Festival to reach for the first time is called "the first Bon service for the deceased, the first Bon" and does a figurehead and an offering than an everyday tray grandly. The lantern lighted up "the cleaning a path to a graveyard" that ancestral soul and Buddha went along in the Bon Festival brightly and was born from the kind consideration of the descendant that an apparition of a living person could come and go without question.
    In Sendai Mitsukoshi, I offer it from a general hanging lantern, oriental lamp to a modern lantern.

    ■Exhibition period: Until Tuesday, August 14
    ■A venue: The main building 6F Japanese Arts & Crafts section

  • Campaign to get air We've Inc. by all means

    Campaign to get air We've Inc. by all means

    Air We've Inc. which is most suitable for body pressure dispersion and coming time superior in high breathability.
    During a period, I give a novelty to a customer of the purchase.
    Item of the COEUR system which is good in summer,
    I give the cushion which can experience body pressure dispersion easily. At this opportunity, please try air Wiebe product!
    ★Novelty contents★
    ●More than 30,000 yen purchase ... "COEUR pillow case"
    ●More than 50,000 yen purchase ... "black cushion" (article not for sale)
    ●More than 100,000 yen purchase ... "COEUR pad"
    ※The novelty may be changed. of the parking spot.

    ■Exhibition period: From Thursday, June 21 to Monday, August 20
    ■A venue: Main building 6F Sleep salon

  • Tokyo Nishikawa COOL SLEEP campaign

    Tokyo Nishikawa COOL SLEEP campaign

    This season that the temperature rises, and becomes wakeful. How about the COEUR Bedding supporting summer Sleep comfortably?
    During a period, I present brand-name products targeted for the Tokyo Nishikawa Yuito Hanyu original memo pad one book toward the purchase. ※A number includes a limit.
    In addition, I present Yuito Hanyu original goods to 100 people in total by lot from the one that had you send an exclusive application postcard.

    ■Exhibition period: From Friday, June 1 to Tuesday, July 31
    ■A venue: Main building 6F Sleep salon

  • Sendai Mitsukoshi Main Building roof beer garden open!

    Sendai Mitsukoshi Main Building roof beer garden open!

    ■Exhibition period: Until from Friday, June 1 to Sunday, September 9
    ■A venue: The main building roof

    A summer feature beer garden finally opens in Sendai Mitsukoshi
    Theme <the beer garden which I want to share> of this year
    Sendai Mitsukoshi does a close friend and a help to have you share wonderful time and space in family.
    ◎As for the drink, full with a variation of the lemon sour
    The beer of the leading role offers world beer and premium beer of Asahi as a premium plan for +300 yen in addition to Asahi Super Dry and extra gold
    ◎The food is served unlimitedly
    ・In addition to the basic fried food of the volume perfect score; the popular MENU using northeastern ingredients
    ・As for the corner of "my parfait" which makes in combination Fruit and sauce in paella and petit four, corn flakes and yogurt, acerola jelly or fruit cocktail instagenic this year by oneself.
    Please use it.

    From Reservations this on the Internet>>
    Reservations, an inquiry: 022-221-5359
    I accept it until from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    ◆Reservations 050-3187-5233 by the sound guidance
    ※The Internet and the Reservations by the sound guidance are accepted for 24 hours. It leads to a system of VESPER.

  • I began Sendai Mitsukoshi store application!

    I began Sendai Mitsukoshi store application!

    I began smartphone application.
    I will tell you about real information or an advantageous coupon by a notice of push.
    Shopping becomes more convenient by shopping application more happily.
    I can receive the limited information and coupon of the store by a favorite store choice.
    In addition, Mitsukoshi, the Isetan online store is available from this, too.

    You register "Sendai Mitsukoshi" with a favorite store, and check bargain information and event information!

    About application>>
    The QR cord from this>>
    I am downloaded by App Store → Search by "Mitsukoshi STORE application"
    I am downloaded by Google Play → Search by "Mitsukoshi STORE application"

  • [baby, Children's Wear] 2019 school bag sale

    [baby, Children's Wear] 2019 school bag sale

    I introduce a school bag for child of the entrance to school in 2019.
    Look for a favorite school bag by all means in Sendai Mitsukoshi.

    The 2019 school bag catalogue from this>>

    ■Exhibition period: Until Thursday, February 28
    ■A venue: 定禅寺通 り building 3rd floor Special section
    ■Contact information (022)-221-8330 charge: Oshino, Nakajima

  • The use of Renown point system <br> "R-Member' s Club" starts.

    Renown point system
    The use of "R-Member' s Club" starts.

    ■Exhibition period: Wednesday, February 21 ...
    "R-Member' s Club" which is common throughout a target shop, and returns 1-9 points for 100 yen about one point of Purchase product depending on a member stage from Wednesday, February 21
    It comes to be available in each Mitsukoshi Isetan group shop of the whole country.
    From Click here for details>>

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