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Day of the Ox fair on the Ginza Mitsukoshi Doyo

  • ●From Wednesday, July 18, 2018 to 20th (Fri)
  • ●2nd Basement Floor GINZA stage / Delis, Boxed Lunch(”Obento")
     3rd Basement Floor Fresh Marche / Grocery

The event "day of the Ox" only by the summer. I introduce Ginza Mitsukoshi recommended popular store.

■2nd Basement Floor GINZA stage

  • <Kikuya> Domestic eel lunch

    One 4,501 yen

    Popular store "Kikuya" of Mt. Narita Omotesando comes up this year.
    One one of them sells an eel lunch baked carefully on a qualified scale during a period.

  • <have me carry Mie 久 㐂>
    Eel kabayaki foods boiled with Japanese pepper mixed lunch

    One 2,700 yen

    With the kabayaki which can taste the eel original flavor which I did plainly
    Of two kinds with foods boiled with Japanese pepper which are full of the flavors that the punch worked for
    It is Lunce which can enjoy taste.

  • <Isesada> Eel lunch

    ●18th (Wed), 19th (Thu) [50 limitation]
    ●20th (Fri) [100 limitation]

    One 3,888 yen

    Using domestic live eel, I let "the secret sauce" which held sweetness in check pass, and an expert craftsman baked it by a charcoal fire carefully.

  • <Tenoji> Eel lunch

    One 2,484 yen

    The traditional eel which I baked with secret sauce plumply on purpose.
    A craftsman bakes it in the kitchen in the shop.

  • <Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho charcoal> Hitsumabushi

    One 3,780 yen

    The finish that the outside is fragrant as for the eel which performs direct roast without it being sultry unlike Edo-style eel lightly, and the inside is juicy gently.

  • <Noboritei> Eel lunch

    One 2,268 yen

    With the secret sauce that the eel which was body thickness was inherited from generation to generation
    Please appreciate the eel which you baked plumply. 

I sell it from 4:00 p.m. only for 1st on Friday, July 20

  • <Komagata Maekawa> an eel lunch

    [50 limitation] One 4,320 yen

    An eel of "Maekawa" who is more famous as a commute way of the understanding person than the civil administration year. The back order that is only for 1st from battleground "Asakusa" of the eel.

  • <eel cooking Izu 滎> a char-grilled eel lunch

    [50 limitation] One 3,240 yen

    It is hot and, using domestic eel, bakes it with secret sauce of silky Izu 滎 well.

■2nd Basement Floor Delis, Boxed Lunch(”Obento")

  • <Kakiyasu Dining>
    Eel & stamina 焼肉重 from Kagoshima

    One 1,401 yen

    A lunch of the stamina preeminence that the yakiniku which I seasoned with eel kabayaki from Kagoshima and homemade sauce got on.

  • ※The image is an example of the arrangement.

    <Tsukiji Sushiiwa> eel oshi-zushi

    [ten points of every day limitation] Six 1,296 yen

    [Ginza Mitsukoshi-limited]
    It is the oshi-zushi using the eel from Aichi which a sushi chef built up carefully one by one.

  • ※The image is an example of the arrangement.

    <Tamokami extremity> eel steamed rice

    One portion 850 yen

    The resistance to the teeth of the burdock is congenial to the texture of the eel
    It is steamed rice.

  • There is eel <吟 bean> and becomes

    [50 points of every day limitation] One 391 yen

    Is salty-sweet, and season eel from Kagoshima, inverse eccentric いなりです which let do topping to be, and to become.

  • ※The image is an example of the arrangement.

    <Minokichi> A horse comes

    One 1,620 yen

    I lodged a dark domestic eel of the umami flavor to the soup stock roll which a cook baked carefully one by one.

  • ※The image is an example of the arrangement.

    <Tsukiji Shouro> a horse comes

    175 g of 1,188 yen

    I burnt the unglazed pottery of the domestic eel to an omelet.

■3rd Basement Floor freshness, Grocery

■Fresh Marche

  • <Toshin Suisan>
    Unglazed pottery from Shizuoka

    One piece of 2,980 yen

  • <Uosei>
    Kabayaki from Kagoshima

    One 1,620 yen

  • <𠮷 river water product>
    Eel long roast from Miyagi

    [50 pieces of limitation] One piece of 1,680 yen


<Kyoto Takenouchi>
Eel kabayaki, unglazed pottery from Aichi

For each one 3,240 yen

  • ※Forgive me on out of stock.
  • ※All the publication products use a domestic eel.
  • ※Please note that event contents may be changed by convenience.
  • ※The price is all tax-included.
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